An amazing show!

Blood Ties is by far the best TV show I've watched lately! (And by that I mean: in years!) Frankly, I can't understand how is it possible to drop such a great show after only 22 episodes! It has a wonderful storyline, a great plot and amazing characters, played by amazingly talented actors... It definitely deserves a longer life, more episodes and a far better ending!


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Oct 6, 2009 6:14PM EDT

I agree, but the show was doomed the moment they sold the show to lifetime. The first tv network to air the show. As most people know lifetime isn't well known for supernatural shows. Their gig is the make you cry girly shows and let's face it blood ties screwed that up. They didn't want to waste money advertising the show so because of that hardly anyone knew about it. If only the writer's had gone with scifi or cw or even tried a main network it might have had a decent shot. As for new episodes I wold love to see it to, but the trick is getting the actors back and most of them have moved on. Maybe a movie could satisfy us. We should start an online petition.

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