Futurama's "New" season

The "new" episode which was aired in March was actually 'Benders Big Score'. I was fairly disappointed... I'd watched the movie online ages before it was on TV and was expecting an actual episode, as in the beginning of Season 6.

I figured it would've been on Fox, but apparently it was on Comedy Central... So I missed watching it.

I know that Groening has made 4 Futurama movies; I've read that the intent was to release these in straight to DVD format but also to cut them up into episodes that are slightly altered to appear as if they're stand alone, yet following a general storyline.

Comedy Central has entered into an Agreement with 20th Century Fox to begin airing Futurama in syndication and to air new episodes as they become available. "The Beast with a Billion Backs" is set to be released on DVD June 24, 2008. It will probably be shown on TV in August I'd imagine.

Keep your fingers crossed, folks. If we're *really* lucky, Futurama might make a full comeback. As it is, the show seems to be stuck in a state of limbo.

I can't complain. ANY new Futurama is GOOD Futurama!


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