Cop out

In a word....."YAAAAAAAAAWN"--

Im not sure if the Goode family is supposed to be funny but its not. I understand the obvious poke at liberal hypocrisy and the empty headed belief system they employ in their daily lives but this take is just boring.

You either have to make minced meat of this completely naive segment of society or leave it be.

The jokes are so obvious and taken to such a polite level that i felt like an attempt to be politically correct had ruined the show, which is of course, the ultimate in irony.

Sorry, this ones a loser unless you are afraid laughing might offend someone so you enjoy bland, humorless comedy.



Default avatar cat
Jun 11, 2009 9:06AM EDT

Empty headed belief system?That doesn`t even make sense when referring to people who are conscious about everything about they do in their life. The truly empty headed are those who believe this is an actual democracy and that this capitalism is successful, and consume blindly and ignorantly.
This show should stay on purely to school plebeians like you. The Goode Family portrays lifestyle choices outside of the mainstream with a little perspective and humour. You could use some.

Jun 11, 2009 9:12AM EDT

ooooppppppssss am i the only one that just wants to chill and not have to think whether or not a show is good its funny and i don't have to think too hard about it

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