Splash, (accomplice theory, spoilers)

i still think that his accomplice is Sully.

Even after watching episode 11 and Shea and Madison 'finding out' that its Jimmy i don't believe it. If you try and tie it in with Harper's Globe, the person helping Wakefield has

to be a frat boy, and the only two fratboys left are Sully and Danny.

Robin was responsible for the deaths of two frat boys and Sully wants revenge on her for that? maybe they were his friends? This has to be true because none of the other male characters have been to a college in the USA, Cal is English, Jimmy has never left Harper's Island, neither has Shane, so it has to be either Sully or Danny, assuming Henry didnt decide to kill his own bridal party.

In Episode 11 Wakefield tells Chloe that he nearly died for a woman like her which could mean that Sully's relationship triangle with Chloe and Cal is similar to the one

had between Wakefield, Sheriff Mills and Abby's mother.

Wakefield could have kidnapped Chloe for Sully and thats why he didnt kill her

cause Sully didnt want him to.

Also notice how Sully's friends Danny and Booth have not/were not murdered.

Booth has accidentally died and its surprising that after so many episodes Danny is still alive, as he isnt a very important character.

The reason why Malcolm was killed (and so violently) was because Sully found out he hid Booth's body and took the money, which clearly no one was happy about.

I don't know whether Sully has actuallty done any of the killing himself, but he's definately helped Wakefield, who must be his father.

ALSO notice that Sully has never slept with Abby! which is odd seeming as though he sleeps with everything humanly possible.

So all in all, Sully is Wakefields son and the accomplice :)



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Jun 27, 2009 10:59PM EDT

I hope you're right, I have a similar theory to yours however Im still scared that its going to be cliche and jimmy will be the killer, which would be lame, almost as lame as making henry the killer

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Jun 28, 2009 1:10PM EDT

I dont have a theory on who it might be but the fact is after Abby left, the sheriff and jimmy became friends so why would he have his police record? I mean it was a relatively new record so it wasnt from before when jimmy and abby were dating. That only leaves the chance that the sheriff might have suspected jimmy after the killings started, but then why wouldnt he have told Abby? So I think Jimmy is definately being framed. I mean Abby had just figured out Wakefield wasn't killing because of her, so it would be so stupid if it turned out to be Jimmy as the accomplice making it about Abby again, no?
I'd love to hear anyone's responses.

Jun 29, 2009 12:31AM EDT

Jimmy- its gotta be jimmy, he rang the bell in the church. He obviously knew there was going to be an explosion and jumped in the water to live. Thats the only way he would have survived.Frat Boys- I dont think its one of the frat boys, theyre too clueless, danny wanted to kill himself so def not him, and sully just lost the girls he was head over heals for and his friend. if it was him, he wouldnt have saved cals life.Abby- I dont believe her little act that shes clueless, come on, when Jimmy was talking to wakefield to tell him to leave her alone (during the first murders) she def saw something. Come on she probably clued in that Jimmy blames all those people for taking his Abby from him. He killed before because Abbys dad didnt want them together and shit.Little girl and Mom- Little girls psycho and knows more, im sure of it. and her mom def knows shes a nut case and just is protecting her daughter.Henry & His fiance- I bet they die next episode, theyre the "wanna be heros" to fool ya

Jun 29, 2009 12:36AM EDT

* oh wait a second, all the killings, started when Abby and Jimmy were gonna have sex for the first timemaybe its wakefield stopping them, like abby is actually Jimmys step brother because Jimmy is wakefields child.thatd be effed tho

Jun 29, 2009 3:34PM EDT

wow is it jimmy or is it some one else this has been a fantastic show shame it has to end

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