FX'S Version of "Bourne" meets the action of "Wanted"

The Movie "Max Payne" in previews showed promising sequences of action, thrill, and sexual appeal. It showed a promise of a fun joyride any action film viewer would love to go see on a friday night.

This film was not the joyride I had anticipated.

In the Film "Max Payne" Mark Whalberg plays detective Max Payne whoes wife and child where killed by satan.

Max Payne(Mark Whalberg) after years of his wife's murder case file being put in the "Cold Case" files, still can't put his mind to rest and sets out on his own personal vendetta to seek out the morbid freak that killed his wife.

Mila Kunis that plays the action films sex appeal ass kicking girl ( all mans movies need one of those :) ) finds herself caught up with Max Payne trying to help him find the person that killed his wife becuase that very person killed her character's sister.

I thought throughout this movie.. awesome at the end their going to get to the satanic guy ( the one with the wing tattoo on his face) and kill him, play with the devil so to speak but the very boring twist at the end of who actually does kill his wife... BORING!!!!

All and all with okay action sequences, since most of you have all seen these types of sequences before, or something like them , especially if you've seen the movie "Wanted", a c list of actors, and a very Bourne Supremecy plot line of "who killed my wife and why" it is one most of you should wait for to hit Blockbuster shelves.


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