The Duchess.. and how we women learn to above all else to follow our hearts.

The Duchess was another Period Drama movie with a great Leading Lady, Kiera Kingihtly( this having to be her best acting job to date.), with a great picturesque scenic set.The Duchess is a movie based on the true love affair of The Duchess of Davenshire and Earl Grey and how life in the 18th century was not one for people that wanted something diffrent then the path society set out for you.The Duchess ( Kiera Knightley) begins by having a fun playfull outing betting on human "horses" and of course The Future Earl Grey wins and just before getting a reward for his victory Goergiana is taken away, and swept up into a life of no room to breath, to be yourself, only room to do as society and your husband dictates. Her personality though finds its way out, as a strong, independant, smart witted woman, and finds herslef fighting with the Whig Party, and still living slightly scandolously through gambling and speaking up with as much whit as a man of her time. Through this she finds herself,her friends, but at home she finds herself suffocated, lonely, and without anyone to talk to.Her husband is aloof, non-intimate, and never loyal..... what woman whoes caged in that world cannot get alittle agry and want to escapeThis "escape" comes fromher drunken party episode, where Kiera Knightley's character becomes drunk and wasted and passes out... trying to forget the prison her husband has created.Through all of this Fate still brings her one more person, a Whig Party memeber who from the sidelines has been watching her intently.. and is only brought to her attention through Hayley Atwell's Character "Bess Foster" her tells the Duchess of Devonshire how he looks at her with love, passion and desire, teaches her how interourse can be so much more then lieing with a man.The next few scenes show how love can see through a person.. and Dominic Cooper through his role of Grey tell The Duchess how she tries to be a certain way or elses people won't love her... and how she needs to just be and not try be loved... Real love will always see right through to the truth of who and what you are and the Character Grey definetly shows that.The love affair scene in this movie is beautiful, passionate, and definatly fun to watch, I'll admit.I wont tell the ending, but I will say in any of these Classic Historical love affair movies one things clear, responsibitly overtake anything your heart may be telling you. With this movie, giving up ones life for others.. doing anything for your children, is definatly what created the bird in the locked cage effect with the Duchess of Devonshire.With a good cast, and great scenic set, this movie is a pleasure to watch, and an amazing message.. follow your heart becuase back then women didnt have the choice.. so since we do have the choices now what other choice then to be strong, independant, free women should we choose.Duchess of Devonshire is definatly o movie I'll own and definatly another lady I'll put up on my wall to emulate and to do justice for by being that free woman she wished she could be.


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