True Blood Season 3 Episode 9 "Everything is Broken" Review

The trailer for this episode looked quite intense and this particular episode of True Blood was definitely an entertaining one. In fact this episode definitely set the stage as to what is to come in the upcoming episodes that will finish off season 3. You can't expect every episode to be cliff hanger and jaw-dropping. In fact there typically tends to be a lot of average episode that lead into better ones. And that is what "Everything is Broken" felt like for me.

Jason is playing a role right now that I am not particularily proud of. His attraction and obsession with this Crystal chick is going to inevitably be his downfall. Jason saves her yet again from her crazy boyfriend and ties him to a tree somewhere. This gets a fellow deputy killed and it's obvious Crystal is hiding whatever it is these people are.

Jason kills Franklin with a wooden bullet. I could not be more disappointed. I know he was a violent psychopath but he was my favorite. Sigh. Maybe Franklin and Godric can have a spinoff somewhere.

Sookie confronts Bill on the file he has on her. He looks visibly uncomfortable but seems to be truthful in what he tells her. Seems to. He tells her he collected information on her because he was curious why Eric was so interested in her. Whatever Bill.

And another fairy dream comes about and this time Bill has it. What is with these? Has it something to do with him drinking her blood? I guess we will soon find out. But in the end I liked this episode, wasn't great but wasn't not worth watching either.


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