True Blood Season 3 Episode 4 "9 Crimes" Review

Well I don't think this show can get any better. As a newbie myself to this particular show I found myself desperately searching for Season 1 and Season 2 episodes to see just what amazing events I have missed and of course from recommendations from numerous True Blood fan friends of mine. And tonight was great!

Last week was actually pretty graphic but tonight I fell in love with Sookie's character on the basis of her reaction to Bill's phone call. Bill states in the phone call, "I am death. I will bring you only suffering. Our worlds are too different. Our natures, too. We were doomed from the start." He also tells her not to come find him and of course Sookie is beyond devastated and also in complete denial.

Sookie tells Alcide that she still plans on finding Bill; she won't believe he doesn't love her anymore until he looks her in the face and tells her he doesn't. Alcide tells her to let it go. She insists that Alcide take her to Debbie Pelt's engagement party that night. Alcide's sister Janice comes by to doll her up; Janice is thrilled that Alcide seems to be moving on from that awful Debbie. Sookie reads Janice's mind and find out that the engagement party is actually Debbie getting initiated into the Were clan that drinks vampire blood.

The last highlight for me tonight would be Bill at a strip club while Russell runs an errand, Russell addresses the Weres and drains himself into shot glasses. They drink it like it's communion. Then they celebrate by branding Debbie. Cooter gets on stage, takes off his pants and immediately morphs into a wolf, and proceeds to lick Debbie's brand. Everyone starts to shift, and Alcide warns Sookie to run.

Back at the strip club, Bill gets a lap dance. He glamours the stripper to find out there's no one who will miss her if she's gone. And of course that would be no one. As Bill brings the stripper back to the car, he gets a whiff of Sookie's fear. But he goes into Russell's limo, where Russell and Lorena ask Bill to join them for dinner. He does.

There were definately more keep points to tonight's episode and this isn't a recap but a review of what I thought of tonight in particular. For me it was a 4 out of 5. Definately impressed by this show.


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