American Idol Season 9 Episode 42 "Top Two Perform" Review

Well tonight's performances weren't as great as I had anticipated. They were average but maybe I was getting my hopes up to high? Regardless these two are favorites with anyone. And it was easy to predict earlier on that Mama Sox and Lee Dewyze would be the two competing for the American Idol spot.

Tonight the two definately showed their nerves. I was extremely disappointed that Crystal chose Black Velvet to sing. Yes it is a very well known and recognizeable song, but its so overplayed it is like finger nails on a chalkboard. Plus this song has been sung so many times on this show its getting to the point that I wish it was banned.

Regardless both contestants under the pressure did great. I really don't know who will take this one home. But I think that it will go to Lee. Now that Casey is gone those people voting for him may swing to Lee especially when it comes to the female voters. But you never know because I myself am female and appreciate the soul that Crystal has.

Tomorrow night is the finale and the winner will be announced!


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