Celebrity Interview: Leonard Nimoy Says Farewell To Acting with Fringe Season Finale

The upcoming season finale of Fringe will bring with it more than just the end of the freaky Fox show's sophomore season. It will also close the book on the 60-year-long acting career of Leonard Nimoy. Nimoy has been playing the recurring role of the enigmatic William Bell, scientist, founder of Massive Dynamic, and a figure seemingly capable of existing in alternates universes. He'll return to the part one last time in the second half of the season capper, "Over There." Of course, Nimoy has retired in the past, only to be convinced by J.J. Abrams to reprise his most famous role, as the pointy-eared, green-blooded, eternally logical Vulcan, Spock, in the recent Star Trek XI: The Beginning reboot feature. And it was Abrams who personally requested that Nimoy portray Bell.

Now, however, Nimoy is ready to live long and prosper without Spock, without Bell, without acting. He'll still attend the occasional convention and chances are that we'll hear him in commercials or games and/or animation voiceovers, or narrating a documentary. But, if he's true to his word, an on-camera career that began with Zombies of the Stratosphere (1950) will conclude on Thursday with Fringe. TVStar was on the line the other day when Nimoy spent a half-hour on a conference call with reporters, amiably discussing Fringe, Star Trek, passing the Spock torch to Zachary Quinto, and calling it a day as an actor.

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