The Hills Season 6 Episode 4 "Episode 604" Review

Well we all have seen a great start to this year's season of The Hills and I thought that maybe the drama and entertainment might just die down a bit since it started off with such a bang. But nope, it just keeps getting better and better. Tonight we see just how off the rocker Spencer and even Heidi really are.

Spencer through a big fit last week when Holly visited Heidi at their home. Holly has definately grown a harder shell and is ready to fight for the sanity of her sister. Kristen has lunch with Heidi in tonight's episode and brings up Heidi's relationship with Spencer. This chick is so far out of it, she thinks he is funny crazy? Haha. Well on a night out I think she needs to open her eyes at her boyfriend's viens popping out of his head.

Everyone talks about how nuts Spencer is becoming and how different Heidi has become. Stephanie even talks about how she wishes Heidi would just be normal again. Brody dukes it out with Spencer tonight and I just couldn't keep my eyes off the screen. This couple may be the most hated reality couple on tv but they do bring the addicting drama you can't help but watch.

I can not even imagine what next week will have in store for us. Great episode!


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