Arthurs attitude towards Merlin.

Seriously, Arthus treats Merlin like a bag of crap, like he is worth nothing, have anyone else noticed that, through-out the whole series?

I'm starting to hate Arthurs character more and more. ._.

He seriously has no right to treat Merlin like that. >;l



Oct 10, 2009 11:03PM EDT

I think Arthur has gotten worse in season 2. In season one they were becoming friends and in The Labyrinth of Gedref episode, Arthur was willing to drink the "poison" goblet instead of Melrin. Then in season two he's bullying Merlin =(. I hope things will get better between them soon.

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Oct 11, 2009 12:46PM EDT

I'm sorry to say that I disagree with you guys.
I really think that Arthur cares about Merlin and in situations that a dangerous or important, he shows it (the best exemple would be the episode VannaH talked about: The Labyrinth of Gredref). He is more himself and shows caring for people that are not of the same social class as him. In moments that are not critical, Arthur is more the prat Prince that he should be according to his father.
Also, this episode showed how much Arthur trusts Merlin. He told him about his feelings for Gwen!!! You don't tell that kind of secret to a person you don't care about...
I think it's important to remember that the characters are young and are still learning. Arthur is getting better but still has a long way to go.

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Oct 11, 2009 2:07PM EDT

I tend to agree with Bella1980, even though I don't see Arthur as being on a straight pass to betterment.
Although the interaction between Merlin and Arthur is sometimes annoying bordering on the painful I really feel there's some developement going on.
As said before, the characters are young and yet unfinished - so Arthur could still go prat as well as decent guy.
I think the constant mocking between Arthur and Merlin is significant of their growing relationship. Also one shouldn't forget that Merlin doesn't exactly behave like the subserviant servant either. I mean honestly - we're talking early middleages monarchy. That was a tough crowd. (Even in fantasy tv shows...)
If that would really bother Arthur i.e. he wouldn't like him, I don't think he would let Merlin get away with all the moaning, comments on the side and sometimes open contradiction.
BTW: I am really enjoying the extended Uther character in this show. Normally in the sagas he doesn't do much more than win the kingdom, sire Arthur and die at an appropiate time. And then Anthony Head, too...

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Oct 12, 2009 4:23PM EDT

actually it surprises me too see merlin treated as well as he is in this show... Dont forget that this story takes place over 1500 years ago and back then slaves werent even permited to talk to their masters , let alone to defy them... this shows has many incorrect history references such as this one and they have also changed the arthurian legend ... in the original legend merlin was much much older than arthur and arthur was never a prince he was a pesant who became king when he pulled the excalibur out of the stone.

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Oct 12, 2009 4:55PM EDT

eastbury007 u do know how to put holes in the story. and i agree whit you. it ain't the first time some thing like this happened. if you look at all the series/ movies whit vampires in them. The attributes and weaknesses from them, the are different in almost every 1 of them. even in "Buffy the vampire slayer" where in the movie they jsut have long teeth and in the series there faces change.
anyway its a good story and who knows maybe they will make the story stick to the original story.(time travel for example)

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Oct 12, 2009 5:06PM EDT

also another thing i just remembered is that the sword excalibur was never given to merlin by the dragon,, infact their never was a dragon in the legend. the sword was given to merlin by the lady of the lake to be wielded by the true king of camelot and when merlin noticed that the current king that he had excaliber given to, he got excaliber back and placed it int the stone to be pulled out by the true king , arthur. Another incorect history ref is that nimueh was not the sorceress and the all powerfull queen of the old religion , she was the doughter of a lord and merlin's lover, the soccerer was maab sometimes known as merlins mother

Oct 30, 2010 8:50PM EDT

first arthur is a prince and merlin is a servent, it is natural the bully thing, in fact it's what hapened in the real life, and in real life if a servent talked to a prince like merlin does he would get his head separate from his neck... second it is what makes the show so great, and you can see that when arthur treats merlin like that, it isn't to be cruel and it isn't that bad, you don't want to compare to actual bulling, it's ridiculous...
sorry for any mistake...

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Dec 5, 2010 9:08AM EST

it is banter. Their relationship is close enough to ridicule each other without any greater resentment.

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