One Tree Hill Season 7 Episode 8 "I Just Died In Your Arms"

Great episode tonight where Julian is thrown into the mix with the other guys on a camping trip. It was great to see him finally get to know the other guys because typically in one tree hill, they all get along small town style.

It was also hilarious when Julian found out that Nathan also had slept with Brooke, something from one of the past season's episodes that we can't help but laugh about.

The girls also had a fun night of their own, including some hash brownies, which I think was a little overdone..but funny...I think it would have been funnier if they would have had a wild night on the town.

None the less it was great to have this show kicking off to some humour...I am waiting for drama to kick in again now that the whole infidelety with Nathan is cleared up. Because that is what One Tree Hill is great at, the unexpectant twists and turns.


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