Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Episode 9 "The Perfect Storm" Review

Tonight's episode is the last new episode before the season finale next week. And the stage has definitely been set for a great season finale. Tonight's episode is called, "The Perfect Storm" and that is just what it was.

The show started off great with Emily busting into her room in a panic with mud on all of her shoes and all over her. Throughout the entire episode it went back to when Allison was alive and Emily made a pass at her. Allison rejected her but in the present day Emily got a letter from mystery A that she once had written in haste to Allison, which also happened to be written three days before her murder.

Emily was busted but the truth was she didn't break or vandalize the memorial. But in the end, it looked like Lucas did since he had mud all over his shoes. Aria also agreed to meet up for a date with the cute new guy. Next week is the season finale, and I can not wait! This is season is just amazing for a summer hit!


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