Too Much CGI

it is almost to the point I would rather not see blood being flung around as it is ,than see the weak CGI blood. the story seems to be based solely on language and sex than a actual storyline, which is too bad considering the Gladiator attraction that has swept the public medium as of late. I am sure that 300 ( creators, actors and directors ) loves seeing that same stop/slow motion every 3 seconds that happens just to give a pseudo 3-D feel. I am can see that some will disagree with the stilted action and lack of any character development that this series has. It would have been nice to get a little back story in the beginning than have to wait to see why everyone is action like they are. I hope this is a one season filler because I would hate to see a good time slot wasted on something that almost seems rushed to write and televise.


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Apr 12, 2010 1:00AM EDT

I like the CGI blood it looks old school. I'm not sure what you mean with backstory you follow Spartacus, you know his past and the rest unfolds. The story does not appear (at least to me) as rushed, it seems planned like the guards face being grilled then cut off so you know whose head it is. I dont think its a good time slot, Friday nights people are not usually in their house watching T.V..

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