Rushed (with mini spoilers for next week)

Is it just me or does the storyline seem a bit rushed ?

I check out the preview for next week's episode on Syfy and I must say I felt a bit angry and disappointed.

First of all Chloe and Scott are you kidding me. That was sooooooo obvious. Poor Eli never had a chance but at the very least they could have built up some suspense, throw in a little fight scene anything, just give me an adequate story. Really I'm not that picky. But how does a guy go from making out with another soldier chick to kissing some girl who just popped up?

But here's the real kicker: the ship is going to fly into a star and there's only room for 15 people in the escape ship. (The story started off with way to my people so I haven't really had the chance to fall in love with any of them except for Eli. ) I can already tell you the 7 who are going to be on that ship.

Eli, Scott, Young,Tamara, Chloe, Rush and Angry guy. Ming Na probably won't be on board because she's a guest star. As for the other 8 lucky souls, I don't know. But I'll tell you one thing: If I wanted lame drama then I wouldn't be watching SGU, I'd be watching Gossip Girl (at least I get hot guys and pretty clothes).

Enough with the personal stories!!! Get me some alien action already!!!



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Oct 19, 2009 5:35AM EDT

I think this one has more filler than usual because it was -originally- supposed to be called Fire, and only one episode. It ran 20 minutes longer than normal, however, so they extended it into two episodes - Darkness and Light.
I also agree about the Scott/Chloe thing. They've shared what, one or two scenes together? I knew poor Eli never had a chance, but going to instantly making out with some random guy, well >> Here's hoping that whatever happened next episode can lessen the pain :p
(mini spoilers?)Though, I also highly doubt they're going to kill everyone but 15 people off.. as, well, they're not going to destroy the Destiny and strand them on a planet. Especially as descriptions of other episodes later in the series involve the Destiny, so.(end mini spoilers/)
As for the FTL drive thing, well, its a drama thing. He might figure it out eventually, like they figured out a way to make the trip to Earth from Atlantis possible after the initial expedition, but I doubt it. It also honestly sounds like it'd be a bad idea, unless he turned it off after the ship landed on a pre-determined safe to land on planet. But, again, drama. They want them to be on the Destiny, not on random planet in the middle of no where (with no hope of ever returning home)
Now, I -do- think he'll be able to access some of the main systems, eventually. Just he won't have enough control to say, turn them around and try flying it.

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Oct 23, 2009 3:35PM EDT

I'm totally impressed that they've managed to make a stargate franchise so BORING! And once they get power, they're going to visit some planets, meet aliens, some of whom will be hostile, some strange; they'll lose a few extras; they'll pick up a Ronan character etc etc yadda yadda.

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Oct 24, 2009 1:20AM EDT

I can not believe that in five episodes they have met a total of one alien good old Mr. Sandman. The entire idea of the stargate series it built around aliens. What would SG1 have been without the Goauld (sorry if I misspelled) or Atlantis without the Wraith. Heck even Star Trek Voyager introduced aliens in the first episode. Instead we get and Apollo 13 type scenario where they have to fix a spaceship. And on top of that Rush is being a total jerk not at all like Carter or Rodney. Granted Rodney could be a bit of a jerk at times but it was normally in a lovable way that made you like him instead of hate his guts. It feels like they took Rodney and split him in half with Eli getting the nice half and Rush getting the evil half. And as for the Scott Chloe thing I feel really sorry for Eli who is really trying to be a nice guy while Scott just walks around randomly and does nothing and still gets the girl. Feels more like a tragedy.I guess to summarize my complaints it feels like there are too many characters and not enough action. In SG1 and Atlantis there each character had a role whereas here there are multiple people all doing the same thing which just makes things confusing and redundant. And to top it all off nothing ever happens. So far most of the episodes have been about equal to some of the dumber voyager filler episodes. No space battles no cool ancient tech no arch enemies no flying cities or ZPM's or anything for that matter just a planet or two and a really mean scientist. I know they wanted to make something like Glatica but if they wanted to do that they should have made a second Galatica series and not tried to destroy everything that made stargate good in the process. Heck the ship even reminds me of Galatica. What happened to Atlantis style ancient architecture where things are neat and interesting and as I recall from Atlantis which was deserted for a hundred years 'do not rust'. Furthermore why is the outside of the ship rusty it is not like there is oxygen in space to cause rust so why not make it aesthetically appealing instead of pandering to the Galatica fans out there who want the hero to fly around in a wrecked piece of junk. Heck when it looks like the Daedalus could one shot your awesome ancient ship built by one of the most technically advanced races ever you have issues.

Oct 25, 2009 5:51AM EDT

I'm also sick of the cutesy diary room cuts. Clearly they are a part of the format. Ugh. It's pretty obvious they are getting to the point where they have a planet of the week format. Let's just get on with that then so we can pick up Neelix and be on our way through the delta quadrant or what not.
Star Gate: Battlestar Voyager needs to pick up its game, and I can't see that happening as they're locked in with characters which are unlikeable but dull. Rush-Baltar is a horrible lead science character. SyFy making scientists into arrogant fools is costing them their "science" audience, and bad bad writing is costing them the "fiction" audience.
These days the heroic scientists are only to be found in procedural forensic dramas.

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