Ultimate Plot Revealed

There's only 4 episodes left on Harper's Island and it seems like we still have no clues as to who the killer could be. It's obviously none of the people that are already dead. So which of the remaining 16 people could be the killer?

My best bet is Henry. He has the perfect reason to do it.

He wants to get back at Abby.

Henry and JD's parents died in an explosion. What if it was the same explosion that Wakefield was accused of? Wakefield intended to kill the sheriff in that explosion because the sheriff was with Abby's mom, but he didn't die. But many other people did die - Henry's parents included.

So now Henry wants out to Abby.

Ofcourse, there's no way he could do it himself. He needs help. So I think he;s most likely getting help from Maggie and /Nikkie. And he's gonna make Abby's father look like the killer and make him commit suicide.

This is the most reasonable solution I've come to. What do you think?



Jun 14, 2009 1:33PM EDT

I thought that Henry's parents died when he was a lot younger? I can't remember if they say specifically, or if it's just me, but i'm sure they died a loooooong time ago, which i guess means that they couldn't have been killed in that explosion, coz that was only 7 years ago.But, I could be wrong, and if they had died then, then it could explain why Henry would want to kill Abby. Although personally, my money is on Jimmy...

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Jun 14, 2009 1:44PM EDT

Yeah... you could be right.It all depends on next week. But if Jimmy really does die than only Henry is left. Unless he fakes his death. That would possible with the help of a doctor...

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Jun 14, 2009 2:16PM EDT

If you remember a few episodes ago, we had a flashback and jimmy was in the truck and he was yelling at Wakefield, now is it possible he WASN'T trying to save Abby, and was just getting Wakefield to come help him as JIMMY was the accomplice of Wakefield, and now the accomplice of Henry.

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Jun 14, 2009 2:35PM EDT

So Jimmy's just another tool in the big plot... That would explain who killed Lucy, because it couldn't be Maggie or Nikkie then. But Maggie and Nikki also had opportunities to kill certain people. The 3 pf them as accomplces match perfectly.
I kinda think Henry killed JD...I mean, after seeing how he beat up Shane I think he's capable of killing someone.

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Jun 14, 2009 4:01PM EDT

I don't really know who the killer is.It could be any of them, but Jimmy seems fairly likely.
The only person I would be shocked if they were the killer is Cal.

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Jun 14, 2009 4:22PM EDT

I agree that Henry killed JD, at that point he still assumed JD as the killer and was in such a rage that he slashed him. its possible. But I don't see how Henry could be the killer, he simply just didn't have the opportunity. He is always with someone or somewhere we can keep tabs on him when murders occur, it just seems physically impossible for Henry to have committed the murders.
I do strongly think it is Jimmy, I haven't really heard any strong evidence against the fact other than the first murder- cousin Ben- occurred at the other end, but jimmy works at a marina, plenty of resources to get to the other side and kill him, then when someone suggested he check under the boat, he conveniently only pulled the rope. I also heard that he can't be the killer because Abby slept over the night some murders happened. I think we all have seen in tv world, people slipping in and out of bed/the house without anyone noticing. Oh and Jimmy would have known she was coming for the wedding, the entire island knew!
Jimmy makes the most sense, and Henry could be the accomplice letting him know where everyone is, and where Trish's dad was going to stand in the church. But i do think it will be too predictable from the very beginning for it to be Jimmy. If everyone suspects him, its probably not him.
As for the Wakefield/Abby's dad thing, what if Abby's dad (sheriff) killed Wakefield as soon as he showed up to claim his daughter, killed his wife and others in a rage or anger and pinned all the murders on him, then sent Abby away because it was hard to look at her as she is Wakefields daughter. that makes sense but him murdering everyone when she comes back, doesn't so much.p.s Beth or Niki would be way too random, the INN keeper/wedding planner could have more of a story behind her that we don't know of and that is the reason why she is killing, that could tie everything together nicely.

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Jun 14, 2009 7:37PM EDT

good theory but i don't think it's henry and i really hope it's not jimmy (as i already said in another thread).abby's father isn't the killer either, because it's just too early.
i think wakefield's real kid is the murderer.
they figured out the whole "abby is wakefield's daughter"-thing way too fast and i think we'll have the killer saying in the end:
"you're not wakefield's daughter...but i'm his son/but i am."
as some kind of a dramatic moment.
and than they all (whoever is left) will be shocked.
we need to have a surprise in the end.
but pleeeeeeease don't let it be jimmy.
i agree that it's most likely and i can't keep myself from analyzing his face in every scene to see something in it.
the fact that he found the sheets from the journal...and that we never saw them falling out of jds pants, the flashback on the street where he screams at wakefield...etc. all these things could in the end be interpreted differently than they seem now and let him be the killer.
i could also imagine that they in the end think it's jimmy and than he will be killed and dies in abby's arms or something like that. and she tells him that she's sorry that she didn't believe him.
even though i want him to survive as one of the good guys.
but i hope that there will be a twist that we didn't foresee.

my guess about who will survive in the end?
abby+henry...and the (psycho)kid

Jun 14, 2009 8:03PM EDT

idk, i didn't like d look d innkeeper was giving d little girl in episode 9, wat of if wakefeild was married b4, saw abbey's mum n left his wife who just happens to be d innkepper. i mean she has a key 2 everywhere in d inn, she's never seen during a murder.i bet she's jealous dat abbey's mum and dad killed her husband and wants to make them pay, altho she might be in cahoots with some1 else, just don't kw who..................yet.

Jun 15, 2009 12:25AM EDT

i think theres gonna be some sort of crazy twist like abby did it to revenge her fatherthat would be something ehbut straight up the killers not jimmy because he didnt start the explosion at the docks, he was with abby.maybe sheriff has more to him? but the fact that hes hurt makes me think he wont be walking or running around. so hmm,maybe the guy thats carving his name in the wood wrote something like his full name and he marks that his last name is wakefield?Jimmy better live, hes hotthah

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Jun 15, 2009 6:04AM EDT

The main killer is definitely a dude. It was said in one of the episodes: "He won't stop." If there's any women involved (which I'm sure there are) then they are helpers.
When their parents died Henry was in college and JD had to stay with uncle Marty. So it's very likely that their parents died in the explosion at the docks. Plus, the only person who's closest to abby (besides the sheriff) is Henry.
I don't think Jimmy could be the killer unless he wants Abby to himself. He already has Abby so what's the point of killing everyone? He's also ok with the sheriff now so it can't be him. Maybe a helper...
The innkeeper does looks like she knows/did something so she's definitely a suspect. And where's Nikki? She hasn't been around since ep. 7. She can easily do what ever she wants.

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Jun 19, 2009 2:30AM EDT

I think the killer is a guy, it's either going to actually be John Wakefield or a group, if it's a group i think it could be Henry, Sully and Danny or Cal and Chloe. It can't be the Sheriff because I don't think that he could fit under some of the tunnels under the candlewhick.

Jun 23, 2009 9:10AM EDT

i think it is either Jimmy or Henry but with a different plot then yours

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