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annoying lila

does anyone else find that lila chick reeeally annoying? i'm only half way through the second series so i'm hoping she'll die off or something soon because GOD she is irritating


| 00:19 EDT, 04 Aug, 2009
they should have gotten a hotter lila lol
| 09:02 EDT, 03 Aug, 2009
i wish dexter had mutilated lila the way he did other killers..evrytime she opens her mouth, i felt like stabbing her..
| 05:28 EDT, 15 Oct, 2008
I just think that ALL of those womens in the series are annoying as shit...they're trying to make Dexter more human and it suck! I'm halfway in season two and all I can say is that season one was waaaay better, more blood, more killings. Simply Dexter.
| 08:48 EDT, 30 May, 2008
yeah season 3 comes in september/october later this year. i got the first season boxset today! really chuffed ^_^ if it wasn't for this site i would have gone insane, dexter on demand! i'm absolutely addicted to the show and i can't stop watching! season 2 is really good, but i still prefer season1. i hate lila! she is such a horrible demonic homewrecker! but once you've finished watching the season, you have to kinda be grateful to her.
| 21:30 EDT, 29 May, 2008
yep I agree i cant stand lila and I love the way she gets dealt with and also have you guys seen for when you finish watching season 2 watch mr brooks its a movie about a serial killer like dexter but i LOVE the alter ego and also is there going to be a season 3??????????
| 20:20 EDT, 29 May, 2008
Just keep watchin.... Ye i find Rita sooo annoying and clingy but that is cuz of Paul obviosly..Cant wait for season 3!!!!!
| 20:06 EDT, 29 May, 2008
GOD, would someone please get rid of Lila!!! I cringe every time that annoying chick opens her mouth.
| 22:45 EDT, 23 May, 2008
Yeah, I had it in for Lila too! But it is cool how she shows Dexter how to be happy. All I can say to you at this point in the series is you definately got to keep watching! :)
| 16:44 EDT, 04 May, 2008
Actually I find Rita annoying as hell. First, she protects her ex-husband and is so passive towards him--mousy even--a man who ostensibly beat and raped her! And the second season, her character too radically changed (to be believable) and is bitchy. She is the kind of woman who uses her "sad" position as a single mum, that her kids are attached to Dexter (and so, how can he possibly move on), and she is just boring and whiny. I wish she would just leave the show.
| 11:13 EDT, 01 May, 2008
keep on watching...

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