Desperate Housewives Season 6 Episode 16 "The Chase" REVIEW

Tonight had a soap opera for a central focus, and we got a look at each housewives day. This episode was very out there and didn't really have any real ties to the previous episodes besides the storyline with Catherine and the stripper. We had Lynette and her husband forgetting their daughter's birthday to Gaby's child getting the chicken pox, a sickness she has never had herself.

Desperate Housewives

It wasn't an overly exceptional or exciting episode. If I would have happened to miss tonight's episode I wouldn't have missed too much. The season is starting to come to a close in a few more episodes and it would be great if we could find more out about the Italian family or at least start seeing a little bit more cliff hanging episodes.

Don't get me wrong Desperate Housewives is a great show, and I love watching it. Just waiting for more dramatic episodes to follow these more recent scattered ones. But it is easy to assume that the episodes coming up will be more dramatic and then some especially with Catherine taking the step with the stripper and the Bowlens going to New York to get Danny. I give this episode a solid 3 out of 5.


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