HIMYM: The Fight!

This season of How I Met Your Mother is just getting funnier and funnier. "The Fight," the latest episode, is no exception!

While the crew is hanging out at Maclaren's, their favorite bartender who is also a bit of a meathead goes over and threatens the people who are sitting at their regular table to get up. Threats follow, and they decide to "take it outside" where they are going to fight it out. The bartender informs Ted, Barney and Marshall that they're going to come with him to get his back. By the time Ted, Barney, and Marshall talk out the pros and cons of joining him, and Ted and Barney decide to go out and fight, the fight is over but in the heat of the moment their bartender thinks that they were there the whole time.

Ted and Barney decide they are going to play along, mostly because Barney wants to win over the affections of Robin who as Canadian as she is actually thinks that battle wounds are hot. So Barney punches himself and Ted in the face and they return to the bar as heroes. Turns out the guys they "fight" end up prosecuting against them, and they have to confess to having not partook in the fight at all.

Anyway, some highlights of the episode were:

* Barney faking a conversation by throwing in titles to 70s and 80s TV shows

* The toupee humor.. toupees are just funny

* Robin getting turned on by the fighting

* Crocodile Dundee and David Hasselhoff being the two manliest guys in the universe according to Marshall


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Jun 6, 2016 4:48PM EDT

Don't mess with uncle marshall

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