Grey's Anatomy: Losing My Mind

The last pre-finale Grey's Anatomy proved to be, what I consider, the best episode of the season! "Losing My Mind" had all of the elements of the previous seasons Grey's that got us hooked in the first place! Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Likable and believable patients. Between Greta the brain tumor lady, Dr. Tapley, and Ava/Rebecca, we actually have patients who we care about!

Greta's struggle between reality and illusion gets her reevaluating her life and wondering if she's ever experienced love or if it was just in her imagination. The heartbreaking revelation that the love of her life was probably just made up by her brain tumor sent her under the knife with the belief that she has never had love. The heartbreaking moment for us was when we realized that Andre, her love, was real!

Dr. Tapley's sage wisdom brought quite the interesting dynamic to Seattle Grace. His words to George were both encouraging and insightful, and being the diety that he was in the world of medicine gave him credibility and an enormous amount of pull. He reinforced the importance of finding someone to love and be by your side.

And even Ava/Rebecca whose storyline I was quite weary of became more believable when she wasn't in fact trying to trick Alex into thinking she was pregnant, but instead was going through some sort of post-traumatic stress. The whole crazy lady alter ego would have been a bit over the top for my taste and I'm glad they steered clear of that!

Basically, these patients were believable and although they shared the common thread of wanting someone by your side, they weren't as unrealistic and absurd as the patients we've been seeing this season.

2. Character Growth

George's character grew so much in this episode! I'm so proud of his ability to finally accept his situation and thrive! He has become quite a clutch for his superiors and really proved himself to be a capable and skilled surgeon. For the first time in a long time we don't hear him whining.. and I really found a lot of respect for George again!

Cristina's character has also moved forward. We see how Burke's abandoning her has taken away her spark, her passion, and her eagerness. (or perhaps it was Hahn's resistance to Cristina?) In any case, we do see Cristina in a more dimensional way, and it's refreshing to see that even she has a breaking point!

I am even enjoying the change in McSteamy's character- making him a bit less of a hornball, without taking away his hornball charm! I kinda like seeing him as a good guy!

And Meredith is growing too! She has finally accepted that there are things in her life that need "fixing", and that there are serious issues that she needs to deal with. Hopefully this ends some of her whining and enables her to really open up and give McDreamy the love we've all been waiting for! But as we know, before you love someone else you have to love yourself. Any day now...

3. Steamy elevator scenes.

The Hahn-Callie makeout sesh in the elevator?? Wow. Definitely didn't see that coming! And definitely enjoyed Hahn's boldness... perhaps as much as McSteamy did!?? (probably not!)

The best part here being that the steamy elevator scene had NOTHING to do with Meredith OR Derek! It's about time!

Anyway, I felt like this episode was pretty redeeming, especially with what we've been handed all season. Hopefully the finale is able to stay on par!


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