Grey's Anatomy: Like a Virgin...... or Not

Grey's Anatomy's newest episode, "The Becoming", left me in the "gray" area about whether or not the show's worth my time anymore.

This latest sex-obsessed episode gave me mixed feelings about whether or not the Grey's writers can give us some of the substance back that this season has been majorly lacking.

After McSteamy causes a Nurse's strike because of his manwhore-ness, the Chief's (now gainfully employed) ex-wife Adelle shows her familiar face as a mediator in the matter and institutes a new "Date and Tell" policy at Seattle Grace. She requires all staff to fill out a sheet listing all of the sexual relations they've had in the hospital in an effort to avoid a potential future lawsuit.

This of course brings up lots of old dirt about who slept with who, who forgot they slept with who, and the new dirt: who is about to sleep with who. (Hint: after a major bout of sexual harassment in the hallway, McSteamy's words to Rose end up speeding things in the bed department between her and Derek.)

Meanwhile, Cristina gets haunted by the biggest ghost of her past, Burke, and realizes how far down she's gone since he left. (From being his right-hand man (literally) to not even being able to assist in Hahn's surgeries.) She opts to spend the day in the morgue singing Madonna's "Like a Virgin" to the corpses as she harvests their hearts, in an effort to salvage her own! (Slightly hilarious scene!!)

Not surprisingly, our doctors each had patients whose storylines were quite parallel to their own! Meredith struggled with keeping her work and personal life separate, just like her patient who was struggling with his gay lifestyle while being in the military. (Where coincidentally, again, they have a "don't ask don't tell" policy- and Seattle Grace just made their own "date and tell" policy.) And Alex had was assigned to a case where he had to be compassionate to children, since he's struggling with the idea that he's going to father Ava/Rebecca's child! The writers are getting a little too obvious, in my opinion, with the corresponding stories, but I guess it helps our characters come to essential revelations about their own lives!

For me, the most redeeming parts of this episode were:

1. Bailey yelling at the Chief for being the only one exempt from the "Date and Tell" reporting, and therefore his belittling her womanhood. (FINALLY a multidimensional character with some substance!)

2. Cristina's explanation/revelation about how much Burke has affected her life and how she's not okay with it.

3. The father of said-military man showing some acceptance to his son's lover after his son passed away. (Too little too late, though? Very sad!)

And the downfalls:

1. The whole Meredith/Therapist relationship. Therapists do not yell at their clients! Get a new, professional therapist!

2. The Meredith/Derek eyelocking in order to synchronize their injections. I puked in my mouth a little bit.

3. "I'll stay if you want me to" - Derek to Meredith

4. The champagne speech made by Derek.

5. Derek proclaiming he's more of a whore than McSteamy because he was thinking of Meredith while he slept with Rose. Riiight, as if that even COMPETES with sleeping with every nurse and almost every doctor at Seattle Grace..

So apparently I'm not to keen on where this Meredith/Derek thing is going (Is it going anywhere?!!), and I think it needs to go one way or another QUICK! You can only beat a dead horse so much!

Well, it got me tuned in for yet another week and will keep me going until the end of the season, but I'm still feeling like this season of Grey's is missing something! (Substance, perhaps??)

Agree? Disagree? Thoughts?



Default avatar cat
May 9, 2008 7:59AM EDT

I agree that this episode was not one of thier best but i still think it can pull itself back together (last weeks episode was good).

Default avatar cat
May 9, 2008 10:21AM EDT

Gosh. I pretty much feel the same way. The show has changed so much. IDK but I hope it can regain it's drama. I think if someone comes and christina falls inlove again it may help a bit. I also think that the whole ROSE/DEREK/MEREDITH thing is sooo boring now. I kinda miss the 'puzzled' relationship w/ derek and meredith. SIIGH. Was my fav show but IDK anymore. It's kinda boring now and if i miss an episode I'm not too keen to want to see it. I hope they buck up. Are they having a 5th season? IF they are...I hope it changes. PS: what ever happened to izzie's daughter?

Large newrachelimage
May 9, 2008 2:27PM EDT

I think you summed things up pretty well. Grey's these days is watchable, but definitely has lost a lot of its spark (kind of like ER after the Clooney days).The whole Date and Tell thing was a little too The Office for me (when Michael wanted to report his relationship with Jan to HR...) and the synchronized injections were also absurd (lets eye flirt - excuse me - experience a deep connection because we understand each other so well - while this patient potentially might die).One story line I do like these days is the Callie/Hahn friendship. I think Hahn is an interesting character that has been adding a lot to the show, though I hope they don't end up having a Callie/Hahn hook-up...

Default avatar cat
May 9, 2008 3:52PM EDT

I am still roped in by side stories like the military couple and Dr. Bailey, beyond that, a lot is getting repetitive. Not to mention, the lack of tact or procedure that exists in that hospital astounds me. Shouldn't HR be handling the distribution and collection of "sex surveys"?

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May 9, 2008 7:45PM EDT

I do agree with some of the stuff you said but dont you think you were a little harsh? Personally I thought this episode was alright not great but not terrible! And the eye contact thing is actually a technique used by surgeons who need to syncronise not just somthing the writers made up - my cousins a surgeon and he verified it.I personally think a Hahn/Callie thing would be great! It would add a much needed spark to the seires not to mention helping with the whole Isaiah Washington contraversy!

Default avatar cat
May 9, 2008 11:11PM EDT

You might be right xcookiemonsterx, I may have been a little harsh.. but being a Grey's fan from the start (Back when it was on Sunday nights) I guess I hold the show to pretty high standards! There were things about last night's episode that were enjoyable, but it was neither here nor there for me. I agree with what all of you are saying about the Hahn/Callie friendship. There's something about it that just seems more real and convincing than a lot of the other stuff we're seeing! I just feel like they've lost sight of their original focus in the midst of all the soap operay relationshippy stuff!

Default avatar cat
May 22, 2008 10:12PM EDT

I just saw "The Becoming", Grey's for me is now just one of those shows that are sizzling out. It no longer keeps me glued to the screen to find out whats going to happen. And Shonda, while I forgave her for the episode right after the strike, I am seeing it seem to be a consistent downward plunge that Grey's is taking.It's either they try to get back to basics with the script or the show gets cancelled while it is still somewhat ahead. I mean seriously, years from now I dont want to be like, oo Grey's anatomy, you mean that show with so much potential that tanked in the last couple of years...It would be unforgivable, seriously

Default avatar cat
May 23, 2008 1:55PM EDT

Wow. Not the worst night. I liked the ending...which tied Derek and Meredith's story together. The two kids with tumors created an interesting and compelling story. Dr. Yang back in the game was good. The whole lesbian thing has taken this show to a different level. I love the show and although it has faded in out I stood by it. But I am not ready to see two girls making out. I really hung in there the last two episodes, hoping that it was a phase, but now I realize the lesbian kissing is permanent. Bitter sweet, but I'll have to pass. Good Bye!

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