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Legendary - wait for it- dary Things We Learned on Last Night's How I Met Your Mother

Legendary -wait for it- dary Things We Learned on Last Night's How I Met Your Mother:

1. The last time Stella had sex (5 years ago.. in 2003):

-The movie Seabiscuit had just galloped into theaters.. and our hearts.

-The world was just learning about SARS.

-"The Da Vinci Code" had just come out.. (not the movie. The book.)

2. We never use the word "bro" in the name of a failed democratic vice presidential candidate.

3. Nose bleeds that correspond with erections are funny.

4. Earthquakes are nature's vibrators.

5. Make sure if you reveal personal information about your girlfriend to your friends (which you SHOULDN'T) that they don't tell your girlfriend they know.

6. The three beginner techniques for picking up a woman at a bar:

- Isolate her from her friends

- Repeat her name in conversation

- Subtly put her down.*

*This does not include calling a girl a "fat, ugly whore."

7. There are better things about koala bears than their delicious meat.

8. There is no bro as good as Ted. Especially Randy.

9. Even with tons of anticipation, losing your virginity (the sequel) can still be good! :)

Not my favorite episode this season, but at least we learned some valuable lessons!


| 19:09 EDT, 17 May, 2008
yeah, or at least spell it right. it's dary, not DAIRY. legen-DARY.
| 23:03 EDT, 12 May, 2008
yeah as i was reading the first comment i was thinking that they are the one who had it wrong!
| 22:36 EDT, 11 May, 2008
sbelcher90, you obviously didn't watch last week's episode. It was Randy who messed up Barney's catchphrase, which was funny, which is why I quoted it. Perhaps you shouldn't insult his awesomeness by actually watching the show.
| 17:39 EDT, 11 May, 2008
I was expecting more fallout especially with the huge fight between Ted and Barney next week. Looking forward to tomorrow's episode.
| 09:38 EDT, 11 May, 2008
Can i just say that it your going to quote from the "legen......wait for it......dairy" barnicle then dont insult his awsomeness by getting it wrong. peace

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