Grey's Anatomy: A Night of Familiar Faces.. and babies. Lots of babies.

Last Night's Grey's Anatomy brought back many-a-familiar faces to Seattle Grace. Not only did Dr. Addison Montgomery fly up from L.A. for a surgery, but we were also graced by the presence of Ava/Rebecca, as well as the surgical interns who haven't been around for most of the season.

Dr. Montgomery's arrival highlights all of the changes that have occurred in Seattle Grace since her departure. It gave us all a refresher course on what's been going on in the lives (mostly personal) of the doctors, as well as how many things have changed in the hospital. Addison's newly adopted L.A. zen attitude has made her a "hugger," and her distance from all of the drama is quite refreshing.

McSteamy is back to his normal horny self-indulgent self (FINALLY), and we see some major character development with George. He has finally come to terms with the fact that he must redo his internship, and is beginning to become chummy with his fellow interns. It's nice to see a character grow- something we haven't seen in any of the Grey's characters in quite some time. The only thing that seems to be majorly ignored is the fact that only a short time ago George was married, had an affair, and then divorced. You would think he would still be somewhat emotionally invested in that, as short-lived as it may have been.

We also see Izzie beginning to come to terms with her changing relationship with George, and her position as a resident. We see a renewed amount of confidence in herself as a doctor, as well as some regained control in her life and her career. It seems like she has a new sense of clarity, which is nice to see after weeks of frazzled Izzie-ness.

Meredith and Derek have partnered up - on a professional level - to conduct a clinical trial to treat brain tumors with a new surgery that has thus far only been tested on animals. The team works hard to shrink offensive brain tumor guy, in an effort to save his new marriage and renew faith in his wife. I think that brain tumor guy had one of the best, heart wrenching performances that we've seen in Grey's this season! He reminded me of all of the quality patient personas that they've developed in previous seasons! Anyway, Mer-Der seem to be moving forward, and they still seem to have that spark that caught our interests back in Season One. Even now-zen Addison felt like shaking some sense into Meredith for giving up such a wonderful guy!

Christina's still the whimpering kissass hovering at Dr. Hahn's feet 24/7, but I feel like Christina's lost some of the edge that used to make her so likable. Perhaps it's Burke's leaving that made her softer, but her attempts at "talking girl" in order to get through to Hahn, just seemed flat and lifeless.

Perhaps the most interesting storyline of the night was the prospect that there might be a little more than best friendship between Dr. Hahn and Callie. Addison's outsider perspective is pretty keen to observing that their friendship appears to be more.. and upon bringing this to Callie's attention, Callie is forced to overcompensate and proclaim her love for penis by dancing right into the arms of horny McSteamy!

And lastly we see Ava/Rebecca reappear at Seattle Grace with big news for Alex: She's Pregnant! Alex in his true stoic, harsh manner inquires about what she plans on doing with the baby, reminds her she has a husband, and tells her he doesn't have time to deal with it because he has a surgery. The surgery, of course, involves a pregnant woman and a baby who is developing with his heart outside his body. Parallel storylines much?

I'm much happier with this week’s episode than last, and I hope Shonda Rhimes is able to keep this stamina to bring Grey’s back to what we loved about it in the first place!!!



Large newrachelimage
May 2, 2008 2:01PM EDT

I agree that this week's episode was much improved! Perhaps we should thank Kate Walsh.One thing that bothered me was the lack of realism surrounding the idea that Meredith would research, get approval for and begin clinical trials all within the span of about 24 hours, but I guess I shouldn't get too nitpicky.Other than that...not sure what the deal is with Ava - is she faking pregnancy or is her baby already dead? Either way, I think the Ava ship has sailed...

Default avatar cat
May 3, 2008 3:25PM EDT

i kn i didnt hate last week's tho but it wasnt as funny as this week's anyways i was in stiches when addisson told kali that hunn mite be inlove with her...that was jus funny but mite also be true....but it was really cool to see adisson back tho i kinda miss her...and i hope they bring her back soon again...

Default avatar cat
May 5, 2008 7:10PM EDT

I liked the fact that Addison came back too. I like that LA changed her, but from hating Meredith to hugging her to telling her to get back with Derek (I do see her point, I guess, but I'm not a Mer/Der fan). I like Private Practice, but they need her back. And Burke, too, just to shake things up. And they need to stop the Ava/Alex storyline. I cringe when she comes back, because she doesn't know what she wants... wait a sec... that's practically everyone on the whole show!!!

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