Brothers and Sisters and Sisters Who Lie About The Results of their Paternity Tests

Last night's episode of Brothers and Sisters, Moral Hazard, managed once again to be both heartwarming and heart wrenching at the same time!

We see Sarah take the fall for her Uncle Saul's huge business mistake that pretty much cost them the family company, Ojai foods, and struggle with the repercussions that come with taking on all of that responsibility. Everyone naturally blamed it on the fact that Sarah was nearsighted because of her fling with the company consultant, Graham, and Sarah took the blame, the insults, and the full responsibility of the downfall of Ojai foods.

Nora, of course, gets involved and has her motherly worries and places more than enough of the blame on Sarah, and even some on herself for allowing William to determine Sarah's fate from an early age to become the heiress to Ojai foods and not allowing her to have dreams of her own.

Meanwhile, Saul struggles knowing that it was him who went ahead with the deal- and not for financial gain, but to actually regain his life. We see him coming to terms with the fact that he's a gay man, and after driving into a tree and getting arrested for drunk driving, finally "comes out" to Kevin in an emotional (to say the least) scene in the car.

Kevin also gets the pleasure of hearing all about Justin's incestuous thoughts about half-sister (or is she?) Rebecca. Kevin makes him feel slightly better by giving some of the same arguments that RachelL discussed in her post, that they didn't grow up in the same house- that they met as adults, etc. Justin, of course, is struggling with the fact the he has these feelings for Rebecca and then is forced to come clean to her. In turn, Rebecca tells own secret, which we all already knew- that she LIED about the results of her paternity test, and she's not actually a Walker! Justin definitely did NOT react the way I expected. Instead of a celebratory make-out sesh, he was actually deeply insulted that she lied to him and in a fit of rage screamed at her, told her she was just as evil as her mother and kicked her out of his house! (Incidentally Holly ALSO just kicked Rebecca out of her house for being so disrespectful and manipulative).

We also know that Kitty and Robert are still trying this baby-making stuff, this time the old-fashioned way. We learn that Kitty is starting to get tired of the perpetual excitement and then inevitable let-down, so there's only so much more trying that she can do. Will they have babies?? I sure hope so! If there is a such thing as an honorable politician, he needs to procreate as much as possible!

And lastly, Ojai foods (mostly at the urging of Nora) goes to Holly and Tommy over at Walker Landing to see if they can help take on the financial burden of Saul's horrible company-devastating mistake. Holly decides she wants to help, and they propose a merger that would make Tommy and Sarah co-presidents, and Holly the CEO and Chairman. (Yep, Holly would get the last word!) The Walkers finally feel like Holly is being an honorable person, only to learn that she lied about having William's child all along!

In this episode Kevin was the crutch for the family, and finally realizes that contrary to popular belief he is capable of loving and being loved! He ends this episode in a slightly unexpected, yet totally necessary and tear-worthy proposal to Scotty. And of course.. Scotty accepted. :)

Amazing episode as usual! I can't wait to see how this new business merger works out, and how Saul begins to come to terms with his new life as a gay man, and of course- for the Wedding - because Walker Weddings are a recipe for quality entertainment!!

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May 5, 2008 3:25PM EDT

Thanks for the shoutout, LSNY!Loved last night's episode, as usual.I too was pleasantly surprised by Justin's reaction to Rebecca's confession - a smart way to go on the part of the writers (not jumping to the immediate make-out fest). I also have to give props to Emily VanCamp (Rebecca); whether people like her de-Walkering or not, I think you have to appreciate the quality of her performance lately.Also, if anybody missed it, here's a link to Kevin's big proposal from last night (seriously one of the best TV marriage proposals I have seen in awhile). If it doesn't make you get just a little bit teary eyed, there just might be something wrong with you...

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May 5, 2008 4:42PM EDT

"If it doesn't make you get just a little bit teary eyed, there just might be something wrong with you..."
Haha. Thanks! ;DIt was cute but.. no tears from me! :P

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