Secret Diary of a Call Girl: Shouldn't be a Secret Anymore!

For anyone who loved the empowerment that Sex and the City brought to women, bringing to light that women, like men, can enjoy sex, Showtime's Secret Diary of a Call Girl is definitely worth checking out!

Secret Diary of a Call Girl follows the sexy, spicy, powerhouse Hannah as she leads a double life as your average girl by day, and a make-you-fantasies-come-true call girl by night (Belle).

Hannah/Belle discloses at the beginning of the series that she is not a prostitute by need, nor is she a prostitute from previous abuse, nor by addiction. She is a hooker for two reasons: she love sex and she loves money.

The series has the hilariously honest Hannah walk us through her average day as a whore. By narration, she gives us tips and insights into what makes her successful, what makes her high-class, and what makes her so matter of fact about her occupation choice... because afterall.. for Hannah it is a choice!

We also see her battle trying to balance her work life and her personal life, and how the two sometimes can't easily be separated.

Her sassy ways make her a truly unique whore, and an absolute riot to watch! The half hour episodes take us through people's wildest sexual dreams and fantasies and give us insight into what usually happens behind closed doors.

As with all jobs, there are of course ups and downs (pun totally intended), but there's something about Hannah's complete control over her sexuality, her wants and needs, and the acceptance of her desires that makes her an unprecedented TV hooker and makes Secret Diary fun to watch!

Beware though, the sex scenes are quite graphic and raunchy, so it's not for the easily offended! The Brits, afterall, aren't nearly as prudish as their American counterparts, so the humour (as they'd say in Britain) tends be a lot more direct than we're used to!



Default avatar cat
Jun 24, 2008 9:06AM EDT

an accurate review of the show :) i enjoyed reading it.

Default avatar cat
Jun 24, 2008 2:56PM EDT

Thanks!! :) Glad you enjoyed it!

Default avatar cat
Jul 20, 2008 1:28PM EDT

Cool. Let's perpetuate the male fantasy that whores actually enjoy what they do. Sounds very empowering.

Aug 2, 2008 2:15AM EDT

RE: japowers comment... Or we could perpetuate the male (and female) fantasy that women DO NOT enjoy sex or that if they DO they must be crack-smokin', abused WHORES. *snark*
Great review by LSNY! I agree this is an excellent show and I can't wait for more episodes. Glad it has come to US as I found it on British TV a while ago and thought it would be a good fit here too. Thanks for a wonderful synopsis - hopefully it will attract even more people.

Default avatar cat
Nov 16, 2008 8:58AM EST

well, i haven't seen the series yet, but think that this review has earned the show my viewership of at least the first episode.

Dec 8, 2008 11:40PM EST

hold on a sec.
being a slut or actual whore is your idea of empowering? are you insane?men are also considered "diseased" if you like if they go around shagging just any woman. it's about self respect, responsibility (even with condoms shagging around just anyone can get you infected with an STD, just takes one mistake) and class.
I've seen it alot in women, even though i advice them to control theirselves they just end up used up and thrown away unlike the screen.
most used scenario i meet is a woman joining the circles of a nightclub, is happy with all the sexual attention, until she has slept with most of the men who get bored with her and eventually ignore her hurting her 'pride'. and to add insult to injury she becomes known as 'the old whore' until a new one arrives.
that is NOT empowering. Even belle in her blog is complaining that people add her on facebook and when she said her nipples hurt (she eventually had the boobjob done) she got a hell lot of 'why?' from 'fans'. When someone told her that they don't watch the series for her but for the sex and that she actually is avaliable at all time at a certain price for sex, she got offended. "they love me for who i am".
sadly enough that's not the case. even her regular wednesday guy who kept her for the whole night and she had 'feelings' for her dumped her at first chance for someone else, even if she was giving the 'girlfriend experience'.
It's an amusing series yes, so was sex and the city, but empowering? no... hell no it's not.
a woman's sexuality should be empowered on screen by a good partner/boyfriend/fiancee/husband as it is in reality.
on screen all relationships are disaster cause people are suckers for drama and all the stuff they wouldn't do theirselves cause unlike the telly, you can't change the channel or take up a different life wiping behind you what you did in another 'series'.

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