Grey's Anatomy: Seriously???

Maybe it's just me and my cynicism, but I'm slightly confused as to where all of the quality writing that embodied Seasons 1 & 2 went this season?? I'm sorry, but after watching last night's newest episode of Grey's Anatomy, I'm ready to tune out to what used to be one of my favorite shows on TV! (I personally think that somewhere in the Sunday night to Thursday night switch the ego boost went to their heads!)

Last's night episode featured some of what I consider to be some of the most ridiculous storylines we've seen yet! For starters, Izzie, Meredith, Christina, and Alex are competing in a surgical contest where they gain points, based on a points system, for all of the different procedures they do. (1 point per suture, 80 points for solving a surgical mystery, etc). So we have four surgical residents rushing around Seattle Grace with little-to-no sleep, and NO bedside manner, doing unnecessary expensive medical procedures on patients in an effort to gain points! Professionalism out the door, Izzie pretty much convinces a man with the flu that he's going to die, and Meredith celebrates her victory of guessing correctly that her patient has a brain tumor.. In front of the patient!

Tell me this isn't all a bit absurd!

Although I did appreciate the break from the Meredith-Derek drama, the whole Meredith seeing a psychologist thing who was completely ludicrous. Especially when the psychologist (who also works in the hospital) yelled at her and told her that she hears the gossip around the hospital and knows what her problems are. C'mon now. And shooting her dirty looks in the halls? Aren't you all supposed to be professionals?!

We also see a side of Lexie that we haven't seen before.. a kleptomaniac! In an effort to jazz up the dingy "crapartment" that Geroge and her have moved into, Lexie steals all sorts of crap from the hospital to make it more homey (including a bedpan as a FRUIT BOWL!). Anyway, it was a cute gesture, even if it was over the top.

And my final rant is about the McDoctors. McSteamy and McDreamy have an abnormally long elevator ride in which McSteamy confesses to McDreamy how much he misses him, because although he can get all the ladies he wants, he only has one man who he can talk to about it! He feels that McDreamy is too wrapped up with his McNurse who (::GASP::) he hasn't even slept with yet and is neglecting his own man-to-man needs! Have we totally forgiven McSteamy for breaking up the McMarriage? Have we totally forgotten that McSteamy's an ass? I, for one, have not, and thus blame the writers for this total deviation from the character that they created. Could the Tinman really have a heart now?!

I may be alone in this absolute disappointment from last night's episode, but when I spend a good half of the episode shaking my head and hitting myself in the forehead, I have to come to the realization that the quality show based on friendships and relationships and the struggles between being a doctor and a human that drew me in three years ago has completely went down the drain! Every character has become a caricature of his/herself and there is just no fluidity anymore! How quickly people have forgiven and forgotten life-changing events!

Is it just me or has Grey's lost sight of the substance that once created them, and instead turned into a late night soap opera? C'mon Grey's! You can do better than this!


Apr 25, 2008 3:03PM EDT

That's a great way to describe what's happening on the show to say they've all become caricatures of themselves. I think shows like this get too popular too quickly, and then the writers and actors forget that they're still supposed to be the people on the show, not them being impressed by their own fame in this character... not that they're all awful people of course!
But on McSteamy - um yes!! How is it that he's the sensitive guy friend who misses his buddy - who's WIFE he STOLE, but he misses him to chat about his feelings... and to pick up women to sleep with. He just doesn't mesh with himself. Sure the man can have different sides, but it's not quite making sense.
And McNurse thinks she's in LOVE? That's an interesting development that should be super fun to deal with. I thought this was about to be a mature relationship, hm, maybe out of luck on that one.

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Apr 25, 2008 4:41PM EDT

Uh! I'm so disappointed, and I haven't even watched the new episode yet. What a downer! Well it's good to know; that way I'm not killing myslef to get it in over the weekend.

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Apr 25, 2008 7:36PM EDT


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Apr 26, 2008 3:48AM EDT

the writers are getting more and more desperate, it's pathetic. way to use up every original idea available in the first two seasons. i want Private Practice back.

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Apr 26, 2008 7:44AM EDT

I have to agree. I am thoroughly disappointed by the quality of the episodes lately. Everyone is arguing... there aren't any good "relations" between most of the characters any more. If the plots are rotten, this show should be canceled. They better pick this story line up quickly because I don't know if I am going to watch it if it continues to go down the drain!

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Apr 26, 2008 8:05AM EDT

I agree with you about the decline in quality of Grey's.But I thought that Meredith wasn't jumping up and celebrating that the man had a tumour because of the contest, I think she was just happy that it meant that he had only married his 'rebound girl' because of his medical condition, I think it was more about her not wanting Derek to marry Rose. You know, because everything is about Meredith.

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Apr 26, 2008 1:16PM EDT

I watched half of it this morning and turned it off. I'm so disappointed in the writers. I hope they don't underestimate the intelligence of the average viewer. Even thought Grey's is like "High School Musical" for adults, it was the writing and dysfunctional perspectives that made the relationships real to the viewer, and that sucked me in. Let's face it, we all have a little Meredith, Christina, and Izzy in us. I can't identify with being a surgeon, but I can identify with the mother relationship struggle and codependency that is Meredith. If that is gone, I'm gone.

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Apr 26, 2008 9:38PM EDT

i do think the episode last nite was quite funny to say the least, and i will tell you why, i mean this is like a ritual to them and remember this is television this is not to interpret the real world what so ever, but still, i think why this contest is done like it was clearly stated was to give the residents some motivation, to kn or to find out what makes them tick, i mean apart from the expensive procedure izzy carried out, she was being thorough atleast i mean now we can actually see all of them working and not jus sitting down doing nothing, or having, meridith making out with shepard or what have you, but this time it showed them willing to work and willing to fight for what it is they believe in...i still think the quality of grey's anatomy is still there, if only people will just ready between the lines and not just take it as it comes...because i did feel there was a proper storyline to last nite's episode...

Apr 27, 2008 9:01PM EDT

The episode on Thursday night was everything i expected it to be. Because they had just come back from a break it was more of a scene setter than anything. 6 weeks on from all the drama of the last episode... it was fairly laid back and not gut wrenchingly emotional like most episodes. Yet, still... at the end when mer and derek are together you can see he still wants her. We all know they are going to end up together... which is fantastic! But yeah, i was not disappointed at all with the episode. I think it is just getting us ready for all the drama to come starting from the next episode. So anyone who thinks that shonda rhimes has lost her touch is crazy. Grey's anatomy is still fantastic. I just can't wait to see how mer and derek get back together. Stoked my fav shows back on. 10/10 i say. and nothing less than great!

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May 1, 2008 11:27AM EDT

I have to admit that I only made it through the first ep of Private Practice. The last GA I saw was the one with Meredith's near drowning after the ferry disaster. The show was close to my heart since I live in Seattle, but I grew increasingly disappointed with the quality of writing and the 'soap opera-y' turn that it took. I miss the original snappy dialog and smart humor mixed in with the interesting medical plots. From what I can glean (from the previews) the show has become a bit like ER --over dramatized with outlandish incidents that are far from realistic. I pine for the original season of GA again...even the pilot was good. How often can you say that?

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