HIMYM: The Naked Man!

For anyone who has been complaining that this season of How I Met Your Mother has been way too much drama and not enough of the good old fashioned comedy, The Naked Man brought it back to the comedic roots that made us love HIMYM in the first place!

Ted walks into his apartment to find a completely naked man sitting on his couch waiting for Robin to return. He learns from this guy, Mitch, that he is performing a classic date move that works 2 out of 3 times. He figures when he's dating someone completely out of his league and knows there's no chance for a second date he might as well pull this move: "The Naked Man." The Naked Man, pretty self explanatory, is to find an excuse to go up to a girl's apartment and then strip down completely naked while the girl is in another room, which will then shock and awe her into sleeping with him.

Fascinated by this guaranteed move, Ted, Lily and Barney all gear up (and strip down) to try it that night. And true to the guarantee, Lily and Ted both got laid, and Barney did not. Robin, in the meantime, tries to prove to Marshall that she isn't a coughSLUTcough by going out for date number two with Mitch.

The most hilarious part of the episode is when Barney and Ted are on the phone trying to decide what pose to make.. the thinker? the Mr. Clean? the Bert Reynolds? The Coppertone baby? All absolutely hysterical!

This may have been one of my favorite episodes of the season.. An episode free from whining!

Also, Barney's Blog is worth checking out for some more entertainment around the Naked Man! Barney's Blog!



Default avatar cat
Nov 27, 2008 6:55PM EST

Great episode!!! and yes, finally one with no drama. My favorite episode of the season is still "Intervention" but this is a close second!

Default avatar cat
Nov 29, 2008 5:22AM EST

Great episode... I am almost tempted to try this myself. Almost.
favorite poses, anyone? I loved the 'superman' and 'captain morgan,' but my favorite would probably have to be the 'mr. clean.'
let your favorite naked man pose be known!

Default avatar cat
Dec 2, 2008 3:17AM EST

awesome episode. Actually struck close to home as I have pulled the "Burt Reynolds" a few times with success, so I found it that much funnier.

Default avatar cat
Dec 2, 2008 7:39PM EST

I loved this episode but also agree that 'Intervention' may be my favourite episode to date. I also never fail to be amazed at the stories Ted's telling his kids. Can you imagine your dad explaining how he was naked in some randoms apartment in a Burt Reynolds pose? Gross.
Hilarious all the same, keep in coming.

Default avatar cat
Dec 6, 2008 1:45PM EST

Legendary episode!

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