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The Dollhouse (and hopefully Joss Whedon's working relationship with FOX) came to an end on Friday, and after watching the finale I thought to myself, "Man I wish they would have been allowed to develop this show and get to this ending a little slower." Such a great premise and yet the ending had to be a hurried flashforward type episode to get the plot where they were trying to take it. I would have loved to see the point at which the world turned because of the new tech being introduced, or Topher's mind slowly cracking due to the stress and blame he put on himself; not to mention the development of a relationship between Echo and Paul. I really liked the way they wrapped that plotline up(funny to say you're happy one of the main character's died), but that was really an original and perfect idea for what this show was, nothing cliche about it. However, I just wasn't able to care as much about it because we really didn't get but an episode or two of development in that relationship.

As for this stand alone finale episode, I thought the story was very good, but again, we really didn't get to see the character's struggle to get to that point, so it almost gave it a "that was too easy" feel. As I said, I liked the way they ended the Paul/Echo storyline, I thought Topher dying by his tech, because of his tech, to stop his tech was very apropo, albeit a little sad. The things I didn't like about this episode, and maybe about the show in general; the ultimate bad guy was never fully realized, Rosuem sort of sat as a faceless enemy, which I thought all along hurt the drama of the show. I'm sure Boyd was never really supposed to be the bad guy, but as the show drew to an end they needed a twist, and without the time to develop one, just had to throw the bad guy monicure to Boyd's character. I also really did not like the Victor/Sierra storyline in the finale. Throughout the show they were presented as the characters whose love transcended the things being done to their brains and yet this episode had them apart, not getting along, and had Victor having been voluntarily disfigured, I didn't care for that at all.

Ultimately I think The Dollhouse will be thought of as a show that was really never allowed to be. I always go back to the fact that FOX made Whedone redo the show's premise a little and had him reshoot the entire pilot episode, I would love to see what he actually had in mind for the show all along, I think it would have been more along the lines of the two Epitaph episodes and less like the "case a week" style episodes that eventually came to be. In the end, The Dollhouse is like the girl you wish you got to know better but still look back on your time together fondly.

If I could speak to Mr. Whedon directly for a second...."Joss, hey its me; next time try ABC please. Hell, TBS, BRAVO, and Comedy Central would all be better choices then FOX."



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Jan 31, 2010 2:33AM EST

I would have told whedon to avoid FOX right after firefly!

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Jan 31, 2010 5:08AM EST

I would say NBC right now lol since they are in desperate need of good shows considering Chuck a show they almost got rid of cuz of low rating (which is a great show smart of them to give it another season) is now one of there more popular shows

Nov 8, 2011 12:10PM EST

This is my all time Favorite Show! i Can't imagine it ever Changing. The Creativity that they put into this was just Over the Top fascinating and to perfection. i have never in my Life seen Something more artistic and amazing, not to mention so exciting that it kept me out of my Seat the Whole time. ;) i actually Loved the Show Called "V", which came out not too Long ago. I was very upset when that ended. when i thought nothing could be better, id'e watched Dollhouse.:) it felt really fulfilling. kept that peak of imagination running high. Made me feel Like i was there. i actually did think it was really interesting how they had ended the Story. though i truely would have Loved it even more if they kept on Shooting and delivering more. Great Fantastic Job. the money you all put into this was defenetely Worth the watch and Worth every minute. part of my heart stays with your Story. it was just epic! i enjoyed it so much. i am really sad that i can't see more episodes. i am hoping that one day "Doll house Will continue. that day will be a the best one yet! in all honesty i can't say that enough. thank you so much for your entertainment.
Sincerely, and all the best.

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