Lost "The End" Series Finale Review - Season 6, Episodes 17 & 18

Lost came to a close Sunday night with its enormous two and a half hour series finale. Some people loved it, some people hated it; some people may even still be a little confused, but it did deliver twists and turns and unexpected surprises, as only Lost could.


Episode Summary

In the wake of Sun and Jin's death, and Jack being inargurated as the new "Jacob" of the island; Jack, Hurley, and Kate set out to finally put an end to the smoke monster. Sawyer fails to find Desmond in the well, but finds Locke and Ben there instead. The battle lines are drawn when Sawyer announces Locke's plan to destroy the island and Locke tells him that he is going to kill all of Jacob's candidates first, as a parting shot Sawyer exclaims that "We're not candidates anymore," alluding to the fact that Jack has taken up Jacob's charge. Once back with Jack,Hurley, and Kate, Sawyer lets them in on Lockes plan and they all set out to the "heart of the island," over which the inevitable end will be fought. After Locke finds Desmond, saved by Bernard and Rose, he convinces Desmond to come with him or watch him kill them "slowly." Jack's and Locke's groups cross paths on their way to the "light" and all pretences are dropped. Jack tells him he knows what Locke is going to do, and he can't stop him, but he will kill him. Leaving Kate, Hurley, Ben, and Sawyer behind, Jack, Locke and Desmond forge ahead to the center of the island where Desmond is lowered into the light and removes the "cork" at its heart. Suddenly the light disappears and the island begins to shake uncontrolably as if it could give way at any moment.

Across the island, Miles tells Richard, "Welcome to the club," as he proceeds to pluck a grey hair from his head; a clear sign that whatever was preventing Richard from aging was now gone. The two paddle over to the other island to destroy the plane as they had planned, but finding Frank Ledpis alive changes that, as now they have a chance to fly it off the island and leave once and for all.

As the island continues to shake and rain falls heavily, Jack attacks Locke and hits him in the face, the sight of his punch actually drawings blood stuns them both for a momment, it appears whatever made him turn into the black smoke was gone, and now he was mortal once again. Jack and Locke have their final showdown and after a few exchanges, Jack finds himself on top of Locke with his hands around his throat choking the life from him. Locke strains to reach but eventually grabs his knife and plunges it deep in Jack's side. While moving in for the final thrust, Locke is downed by a single shot from Kate's rifle. Jack kicks Locke's body off of the cliff and it lands lifeless on the rocks below.

Knowing the only way for the island to be saved and to allow his friends ample time to leave, Jack heads back, blood gushing from his side, to the light to reinsert the stone that Desmond removed. Hurley and Ben vow to stay with Jack as Kate and Sawyer head for the plane. Outside the cave, Jack, feeling that his voyage was only going to end one way, makes Hurley the new leader of the island.

In the flash sideways, everyone begins to realinge with the people that they loved or lost on the island. Sawyer finds Juliet, Clarie meets Charlie, Sayid stops a muggler who happens to be attacking Shannon, and Kate gives Jack his first vision of his past life. Not fully aware or accepting of what he sees, Jack reluctenly goes with Kate to the church where he was to have his father's funeral. She tells him that everyone is waiting inside for him whenever he is ready to leave. Kate sends Jack to the back of the church, into a room that housed his father's coffin. Upon touching it Jack gets a rush of memories and suddenly understands what came before. He opens the casket to see his father but no one is inside. Christian Shepard stands behind Jack and their talk makes Jack realize that not only is his father dead, but he and all of his friends from the island are dead. The flash sideways has been a middle ground for these characters after their deaths to wait until they are ready to move on. The church is a place they all created to meet each other before moving into the afterlife. Christian opens the church doors and the whole place is engulfed in a sea of white light.

Back on the island Jack awakes outside the cave after he has reinserted the stone, which once again makes the light flow from the cave and stops the island from self-distructing. He stumbles back to the spot where his first woke after the plane crashed in the first episode, even passing the same old pair of sneakers hanging off of a tree branch on his way there. He collapses onto the jungle floor and through a small opening in the trees canopy, he sees the Ajira plane which is flying over head, taking Kate, Sawyer, Claire, Frank, Miles, and Richard off of the island. Vincent emerges from the jungle and lays right next to Jack on the ground. The camera zooms onto a close-up of Jack's open right eye, and as Jack slowly dies, the eye closes.....Lost.

What Some People Are Finding Confusing

So they have been dead all along, from the very start of the series?

- NO! Everything that happend happend. A sentiment that has been echoed numerous times throughout the series. Everything on the island was real, the only thing that was not happening in their real life for these characters was the flash sideways.

How could Jack have a son in the flash sideways if he was dead?

-Jack did not have a son. Locke even told him this in the hospital. The flash sideways was a sort of middle ground that these characters were in before they were able to move on to heaven or the afterlife, or whatever you believe in. As Matthew Fox himself even stated, in some religions it is believed that when you die you cannot move on until you acknowledge your own death and the people in it that helped you along the way. The flash sideways was just whatever these characters were making it in their minds when they died, once they "let go" then they were able to moved on to heaven.

So they all died at the same time, it must mean Frank, Miles, Swayer, Kate, Claire, and Alpert all crashed while leaving the island right?

-NO! As Christian Shepard told Jack, some of them died before you, some a long time after. "How are they all here now," Jack asked. Christian answered, "There is no now here," Time is all relative in the afterlife, they are all dead, but that does not mean they all died at the same time, the church is just the place where they all meet each other before the person moves on. As Hurley told Ben, "You were a great number 2" and Ben tells Hurley that he was a great number 1, implying that Ben and Hurley lived on the island for forever long after Jack died.

Why were some of the people in the church and others not?

-Some people were not ready to move on yet and some were not going to where this group was going. Outside the church Locke asks Ben if he is coming in, to which Ben replys that he isn't ready yet he still has things to take care of. And Faradays mother asking Desmond if he is taking her son with him, but Daniel hasn't let go yet. He passes Charolette at the concert, but he doesn't have his flash that allows him to let go, he is still living in the space where he gets to be the musician he wanted to be and play with a band he is a fan of.

Why was Desmond important, what was his purpose?

For this, I quote Mr.Rich909, we both had the same understanding of Desmond, but he worded it very well so i'll let him tell you.

"Desmond was important because in truth, he is the one who killed Smokie...the moment he released the Rock, Smokie/Locke, became Mortal, as did Richard....But more importantly, Desmond was the one character who crossed over into the afterlife before he died. When Whidmore locked him in the cabin earlier in the season....When Desmond crossed over for that brief moment, he saw what he thought was another life....that is what he thought the light was, another reality where they can all live happy....at that moment, he didn't know it was in the afterlife....In the Flash Sideways, when Charlie takes Desmond into the water and Desmond remembers, he not only remembers his time on the Island, but he also remembers his journey into this afterlife, thus being the first one to realize not only is he seeing his past life, but that he is dead....Desmond is the constant to both worlds and it became his job in the afterlife to get everyone together because he knew that is what he was there to do.....He was to enlighten people so that Jack, the Shepard, can bring everyone to the Gates of heaven......

My Last Comments About Lost

Lost has been one of those truely exceptional shows that has pushed the boundries of what is possible for a t.v. show and more importantly the high level of creativity and art that all t.v. shows and movies alike should strive for. They could have easily stretched this out 3 more seasons, making millions more for themselves in the process, but they had a plan in mind for how they wanted to tell their story, and they stuck to that. For that they should be applauded. Many people get the concept of Lost twisted, all of this crazy stuff is happending around them, but at the core and center of the show, as the creators have continuely said, are these characters. If someone asked me to sum-up Lost of them, its was a show about people's redemption and the people who helped you find yours. There is no religious agenda, nothing being pushed on anyone, the writers have made that clear by not saying words like God or heaven or singling out a specific faith. As Christian Shepard told Jack at the end, "No one does it alone, you needed them as much as they needed you." That simple concept is what Lost was all about. The bar has truely been raised. It has been a privilege to watch Lost for these last 6 years and I would just like to thank everyone involved with the show for making it a tremendously special work of art. Thank You.



Default avatar cat
May 24, 2010 6:27AM EDT

Well said!

Default avatar cat
May 24, 2010 8:55AM EDT

I completely Agree with you dear. Its been an outstanding series. I cant believe that Lost over. In every way they made the finale best as possible. its the Best Show i ever watched. Once again thanks you so much for your Great Review.

May 24, 2010 10:42AM EDT

I have to say this was one good epsiode and even though I was confused this review has helped.This show was definatelysomething special and will always be the exception for future tv shows that want to reach the bar Lost has set.Can't wait to see what is next on tv creators mind. They've got a lot of work ahead to be as good as Lost.I'm gonna mis this show so much.

Default avatar cat
May 24, 2010 1:33PM EDT

I must disagree. They all died in the crash. Look at the closing scene, all the wreckage is still there. The engine that blew up, the fuselage that they burned, all still scattered on the beach. I do believe the dog made it though.

May 24, 2010 1:34PM EDT

Lol! I had no idea what I saw in that episode till I read this review. now it makes sense..

May 24, 2010 2:35PM EDT

Sorry guitfdir, I disagree. You need to re-watch the last part with Christian and Jack. Christian explains it clearly to Jack. Everything that happened, did happen. I think you are reading more into the closing scene that is intended.

Default avatar cat
May 24, 2010 4:13PM EDT

Thanks for the review, it makes more sense now.
I still feel like I have questions however. What kind of island travels through time, what the hell is this light all about, why were the numbers necessary at all, what happened to all important Walt (so important he is just brushed to the side in season 3 i think), whats the deal with Jacob and black smoke dude, didn't libby give desmond that boat to sail around the world etc................ ad infinitu????? Maybe these questions were answered throughout the seasons, but I really didn't notice.

May 24, 2010 5:46PM EDT

The Dharma Initiative, time travel, Walt’s psychic powers, the ‘light cave’ at the center of the island, the smoke monster, the frozen donkey wheel, the numbers, Miles, Richard, Jacob and Hurley’s strange powers, and every other mystery that gave the show it’s character have been left purposefully unexplained because that’s the point - ‘why?’ is not important in the end.
You can either accept that ‘whatever happens, happens’, or you can struggle against it and go crazy. There will always be unanswered questions and in the end we just have to do what Jack did and just let go.

May 24, 2010 7:18PM EDT

Except the why does matter to many and that's why we were watching. And I don't feel all warm and fuzzy because everyone met up in the end. I'm frustrated that we fast forwarded in an instant to everyone being dead and the "alternate" reality really wasn't. I knew they were going to disappoint me in the end and I'm tired of twists that ruin a story for me. I love the show, but I prefer to rewrite the last ten minutes in my head with realities crashing together and everyone living happily ever after. They can die later. I don't feel like watching that part. Got enough of it in real life.

May 24, 2010 7:35PM EDT

@shutter that was well said and a good way of looking at it!

May 24, 2010 9:30PM EDT

I liked your point more to be honest ... i believe that it matters. stuff like walt matters because it makes you feel like the reason not much happened to him was because they either didn't feel like continue with him (just due to them wanting to do other stuff with characters) or he didnt want to do any more episodes and they were like oh ... lets just leave him out.
that example aside and not the greatest feeling about the end ... i did very much enjoy Lost on the whole ... I guess it was also fun while during the seasons to try and work out what was going on and coming up with interesting theory's and the way it ended didn't live up to some peoples expectations.
Whatever generally good ending and great show, i found it funny some of the people that couldn't grasp it, and only watched like 2 episodes lol

May 25, 2010 2:01AM EDT

for me it was everything i hoped. i always watched the shows because of characters and not because "numbers", "jacob" ,"magic",...... to see all of them doing mistakes and getting redemption at the end, moving on, allowed me to move on and leave a great show behind.i will miss you lost!

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