Really ABC?

Your remaking a show you canceled in 98' after only 15 episodes? Jeremy Piven starred in the original and it was great and he was really funny in it. I just saw the trailer on youtube, and come on, it isnt like they are continuing from where they left off either, they are going to remake all the original episodes, the plot is exactly the same, and judging by the trailer they are using much of the same, like scene for scene things they did in the original. In the trailer, he uses a looks into a glass to throw a dart behind him, hitting a bullseye, that exact frame for frame was in the original, and him standing in front of the self help group, original. Which means you have to watch the show for pretty much a full season(if it makes it that far) just to get to where the last one left off. The changed the guys name too, in the original Piven was Trevor Hail, in this one he guy is Trevor Pierce? Oh I guess it a completely different show now. Do yourself a favor, all the originals are on youtube, type in Jeremy Piven cupid, and they all come up. Just go watch the originals and a very funny Jeremy Piven, you can watch them all in order and dont have to waste your time on a show we all know will get canceled early. Here is a link to the trailer if you want I believe the first part of the pilot of the original appears in the related video section.



Large newrachelimage
Jan 7, 2009 9:34PM EST

I agree this is a disaster in the making. Remaking and recasting a failed show with a less talented cast than the original (sorry Bobby Canavale, but you know you're no Jeremy Piven)? Whose brilliant idea was this?

Default avatar cat
Apr 13, 2009 2:03AM EDT

Hey you party poopers, give the show a little hope. I loved Cupid the first time and really hope this version pulls though. I'm willing to sit though a little repetitiveness if there is a chance I finally get to see Trevor and Clare become one of the 100 couples.

Default avatar cat
Apr 16, 2009 3:59PM EDT

Just watched the original, a couple episodes seemed familiar, so i believe i caught a few when it aired. Anyway, other than a couple small items, they are not repeating the episodes, so we have different stories. Sadly the writing seems more generic / broad / feel goodish / bland / etc. ... on the upside, this will likely make more appealing to the mass market but less appealing to me.

Default avatar cat
Apr 19, 2009 9:10PM EDT

I generally like Bobby Canavale, however after watching the pilot, I would really be disappointed if this version lasts longer than the original. While the love stories are as whimsical/mediocre as the original, Bobby's perkiness seems forced and there is very little chemistry between the regular cast. If it gets better, let me know because I'd rather not lose whatever affection I have for Bobby Canavale.

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