Smallville Season 9 Episode 9 Review - Pandora

Season 9 of Smallville has been getting better and better, and this lastest episode is no different. Episode 9- Pandora finally explained what happend to Lois when she used the Legion ring and went to the future as well as laid the ground work for what should be a very intereting season finale.

*************************************Episode Spoliers**************************************

Episode Summary:

Once Lois passed-out after a rush of flashes at the end of last weeks episode, Tess kidnaps her from the hospital and attempts to extract her memories from her 3 week absence by having their brain waves synched so she can see what Lois is seeing. We learned that in the future Lois went and saw the raise of Zod and the red sun, and the enslaving of the human race. With Clark's powers erased by the kryptonian sun, Zod and his men were free to rule.

In this future Lois had disappered which resulted in Clark turning his back on Chole and Oliver and unsuccessfully trying to take on Zod as an unsuper human. When Lois comes back she of course losses the ring to Zod after he requested a meeting with her. Clark and Lois get sent to be executed but are saved at the last minute by a band of kryptonite arrow welding resistance led by Chole and Oliver. In the chaos Chole kills Tess and Zod gets away. After Chole creates a plan to block the red suns power on Clark, she is killed by the ninja lady who followed Lois back to present day Metropolis earlier in the season. After a brief incounter Clark is killed as Zod stabs him with a kryptonite knife and Lois is sent back to try and stop all of this from happening for real. In the present Clark sees the extracted memories of Lois and comes to think that treating Zod as his enemy will lead to this future so at the end of the episode Clark finally confronts Zod and the kandorian's and surprisingly the episode ends with Zod exclaiming to the rest of his legion, "Kneel before Kal-El."

How This Episode Stackd Up:

Overall I liked the episode and what this is all going to mean for the remainer of the season. However, there were a couple of things I really had to overlook to enjoy the episode. #1. It is not even remotely plausible that in her 3 weeks in the future Lois would not have heard anything about who Clark really is. She kept being told, Clark is out best chance for survival, Clark and Zod have a past, we need to bring back the yellow sun so Clark can help, but she never asked for them to ellaborate on any of that, which is just not realistic, and based on the fact that those memories got erased from her at the end, there was no good reason not to lay it all out there for her in the memories. #2 Chole had a way to plant a virus in the kandorian's system to bring back the yellow sun, but did not choose to use it until this point in the memories? It just seems like they did not present that plot point very well and just sort of, here it is, with no real explaination. But other than those two things, I really enjoyed the episode.

I liked the fact that they have progressed the Clark and Lois relationship in spite of all of the other stuff going on. I was almost certain when watching this that they were going to give us one of the old thematic chestnuts: I have to push Lois away to protect her...blah blah blah...if I'm not with her they wont be able to use her against me.. etc..etc.., you know the things they have done over and over. So I am glad they did not resort back to that and actually gave us a little development, even if it was only the small 'Lois holding Clarks hand in the elevator" tidbit. Also, Clark going to befriend the Kandorians is was a cool and unexpected twist. Ultimately it is going to fail, but it is cool that we are going to get some nice direct superhero/villian confrontation. I love where this season looks like it is going to go. With the Justice Society poised to make an appearance, and the Justice League characters already in place, I can see this finale possibly being epic. Zod will get his way and come to power, but Clark will have built a superhero faction of his own behind him for a great ending that they better give us. The kandorians vs. Clark and the Justice League and Justice Society would be an unbelievable final battle scene( unless they pull the rug out from under us by Doomsdaying us again). If they do it right the finale could turn out to be a like the combined batted scenes that are always seen in the Superman cartoon movies, which would be really cool to see a live action tv version of. All in all, I love where they are taking it, Smallville has definitely bounced back and is starting to rival its great early seasons.


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