The Christmas Special

So did anyone else watch the Christmas special last night?

It was frichen hilarious. I haven't laughed this hard at Christianity in probably a week. Elvis Costello was fantastic, although I was sad that he didn't sing that much. Fiest as the angel was awesome and sexy, her number with the 1800 angel helpline was beautiful. The sexy nutmeg song with John Legend was awesome and I usually hate that style of music. Oh my god, Willy Nelson with his pot song and then getting arrested.

However, the best part was John Stewart coming out and singing? about Hanukkah. I fell off the couch I was laughing so hard, "We have potato pancakes and.....tops." Giant LOL, at that one.

All-in-all a fantastic addition to Colbert's repertoire. I am not a fan of Christmas, but this one was ridiculously awesome. In a Colbert kind of way


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