Where is everybody?

I'm relatively new to Sidereel, however every show page that I have visited has been filled with commentary about the latest episode. Even the crappy shows have followers. So when I visit the page of the Daily Show I expected a little more. Heck, I expected something. I wanted someone laughing at John's Dan Rather impersonation. Discussing the latest toss up. Or, dare I dream, bashing Palin and her absurdity. But do I get that? No, I get a strangely silent page and forum for the best show on television. Please don't make me cry, respond and let me know if there are silent watchers out there.


Default avatar cat
Nov 26, 2008 12:35AM EST

I, like you, am a die hard Stewart fan. But unlike other shows, the Daily Show is fairly easy to find daily. I personally view it on the Comedy Central website. I think that is why this forum is so empty, because no one has to come here to get their fix.

Default avatar cat
Jan 13, 2009 3:30PM EST

Also, even though viewed a bunch, the daily show is easy to talk about with other people in real life. A lot of people watch it, so you could probably talk about it with a friend. For example, I'm going to talk to my brother about the latest daily show, and maybe some other people, but not a forty minute show, because chances are they don't watch it, or its not as simple.

Default avatar cat
Aug 7, 2009 4:56AM EDT

The best show on television you say? I think not. John is so over the top high on himself that it turns me off. If someone could just crank him down a few notches I think it would be great for the show.

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