Grey's Anatomy Review Season 6 Episode 15 "The Time Warp" - BEST EPISODE THIS SEASON!

After watching tonight's episode I felt like I just walked out of a theatre from a great movie that I was so glad that I decided to go to. Tonight was an excellent night of Grey's Anatomy! This episode broke away from the current story line and we were left with a conference meeting of all the staff of Seattle Grace. Speaking at the conference was Torres, Bailey, and Richard. Each with a story that changed their life and has made them the doctor that they are today.

Each story was well executed and discussed. We got to see how Bailey became the loud and demanding Bailey, how Torres became confident in her field, and how Richard started drinking.

This episode was refreshing and well thought out. It was an episode I am glad that I didn't miss. There is one change I would have made, however, and that would have been having Owen speak about an experience he had in action. But I am assuming the show will touch that in later episodes.

Tonight's Episode a 5 out of 5


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