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Stargate Atlantis 5x19 Vegas @ ninjavideo

I'm going to try and find the torrent and get a better post after downloading it. Only the flash with out of sink audio is working. Episode 20 (Enemy at the Gate ) is also there.

I actually have epi.20 through torrent but don't want to watch them out of order. ya know. were at the end here.

Brilliant is all I'm aloud to say about Episode 19. Found an excellent copy at mega upload took about 10min to download. Sidereel I think don't allow those links, so just do a google search. So sad it's over.


| 16:08 EST, 26 Dec, 2008
tragedy, the ending of a really great show is here already they could have tried to make a couple more episode to really finish the series with a closed ending every question we have should be awesred in a few more episodes for the real fans
| 00:00 EST, 23 Dec, 2008
Yeah and there both great episodes too, probably the best of the season. It's a good ending to the series.

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