It was a mistake

Come on ppl what is wrong with you guys. You know The wrong person went home this week. Thats it, I'm done. I just don't know with who? The show, or you ppl.



Default avatar cat
May 7, 2009 5:18PM EDT

it should've been either kris or danny. you can tell adam's gonna win now. allison leaving just makes the show look even more rigged. i was really looking forward to hers and adams final two duet...but no. thats really how it SHOULD have been. stupid voters.

Default avatar cat
May 12, 2009 4:17PM EDT

Ya seriously!!!! If you are one of those people voting for Gokey or Allen you shouldnt be aloud to vote. Allison was a 10 times better singer that both of those 2 nobodies. I mean come on did you all see Gokeys final note. It hurt me so bad to hear that because it was so bad and you all voted him to continue. Adam, Allison, and Lil Rounds were the only people on this season that could really sing. Chris Allen plays guitar to take your mind off his voice. Gokey should stick to his youth group because that is where he will be after this show.

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