SYTYCD What's up with the judges?

I could not have been more disgusted with the judges tonight. I almost quit watching halfway through. Their rude behavior actually made me forget I wasn't going to see my fav. dancer dance tonight. I was so apauld by their behavior tonight that I actually wanted to vote off a judge rather than a contestant. The contestants pour their hearts out on stage and all the judges can seem to do is rip them to pieces. Now given the judges have their favs that will never see a harsh review, but their are a couple that I hope make it to the top just so I can see their faces when it happens. I don't remember which dance it was because everyone danced so well tonight they blur, but their was critique where none of the judges could agree on anything and began to argue with each and belittle the dancer until Cat saved the day and interrupted them. I must say she had every right to look as annoyed as she did. Then the bollywood number came and I must say I don't think Adecheke gets enough credit. He's a great dancer it's just there's alot of other great dancers to compete with and given maybe the dance wasn't technically perfect, but Cat made a wonderful point. Neither was Jose's bollywood because of personailty. Why were they suddenly critizing him so harshly for using personaility and making a few mistakes. As for Mia I wouldn't mind to much if she were fired and our beloved Mary Murphy came back. Saying such hurtful things crosses a line and this is the second time she's done it. As for Nigel can't tell someone not to cry when Mia just ripped his heart out and tore it to pieces. The guy had every right to feel what he was feeling at the moment. Adam at least he wasn't as harsh and more helpful. Someone needs to have a talk with Adam and Nigel about the proper way to critique a dancer and fire Mia for her behavior on the show. I don't care about awards I don't tolerate rudeness and if she's the new judge next season I won't be watching.


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Jul 16, 2010 3:27PM EDT

This is a competition, not a kindergarten show-and-tell. Judges' comments are supposed to be critiques, not pats on the back.

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