Just defending leverage a bit.

I noticed some harsh reviews about the second season in here. Mainly because Sophie left and they didn't expand on upon the relationship on Sophie's and Nathan's relationship. Not many people are aware of this. In fact I just read this in an article about Levearage, but the whole reason they put that plot twist of Sophie leaving in this season is because the person who plays Sophie is pregnant. So until the actress has the baby and doesn't have to worry about an odd shaped figure they are having someone else fill in. I think we can deal with someone else filling the role of grifter for awhile. Besides she's doing an awesome job. Also it makes it easier on camera guys. Not having to worry about weird camera shots and making us wonder why are they always sitting now or why do they always hide that part of her body? Really I think they made the wise choice.



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Jan 21, 2010 10:35AM EST

Wow! I totally didn't know that the actress who plays Sophie is preggers! That's so cool. I completely agree with you. If they had kept her in and maybe even changed the plotline so that Sophie was preggers too, it would have thrown everything out of wack. I'm glad they brought in this new grifter. She gets Nate now, and it's fun seeing how she reacts to the other members of the team and their quirks.

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Jan 21, 2010 4:50PM EST

I think they did a wonderful job of dealing with the pregnancy and to tell the truth I think that we were supposed to dislike the new grifter in the first few episodes. I think yesterdays show gave us a good feel of what she can really do as well as established that even though she's not part of the family she does her job and does it well. It'll be interesting to see how the show evolves from here
Random(or partly anyway) sidenotethose curious about the writing of the show should really check out John Rogers Blog(creator and producer) he is very gives great insight into the show and does a weekly Q&A about each episode

Feb 16, 2010 10:46PM EST

i really dislike like the new grifter, whats her name tara or something? i dont know and i dont care. anyways i think they made a great call on here leaving due to her being preggers, either way i dont like this new one, and i hope that sphie comes back soon. but in real like i hope that the baby is heathly and everything goes well, and she can return to the awesome show that everyone loves.

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