CSI: Finally interesting again!

I love my CSI, but I must admit last season was lame and I even stopped watching. I just couldn't stand the craptastastic writing, but this season is finally back on track. Now that they have succeeded in make Lawerence Fishburnes character feel like a part of the team they have room to play. I'm now seeing what they said they would do with fishburnes's character about a year ago in a magazine article. CBS once stated they wanted his character to have serial killer urges, but to never really act on them. In these first two episodes I can see that coming into play. Point one his character killed someone and it doesn't bother him and two the disturbing interview with the boy in episode two. You would think from the description of his father he would be disgusted by him, but if you observe closely you can tell he admires his father. Is proud of him and what he has done. Proof of this lies in polishing the bronze star and putting it in the pocket. So I look forward to see I they develop his character.


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