Steady as she goes

Moonlight is an extremely interesting show and seems to draws you in the more you watch on. I found the first few episodes rather slow and a little bit too formulated but the pace has definitely improved and the characters have become a lot more entertaining. It might just be my love for all men tall, dark, handsome and brooding but I've found Alex O'Loughlin to be an very sexy actor (and its not just the Aussie in me).

I won’t waste time comparing it to both Buffy and Angel because I’m sure anyone who has watched the show can see the similarities but I will say that Moonlight contains some of the good elements in both of these previous shows with a little bit of it’s own pizzazz.

The sexual tension between characters Mick and Beth alone has got me hooked and this, coupled its edgy feel with just a hint of old school noire has made me a bona fide fan of the show.


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