Dexter and his Feelings for Others

So far, this has been a great character driven season on "Dexter." While Dexter claims to not be able to feel for others, this season seems to have expanded on showing how Dexter really does adore the children and Rita. He seems to take great pleasure in spending time with them and being part of their lives. He also has risked his "secret" and his own safety many times in the past in order to keep the children and Rita safe. As this season progresses, I find myself wondering how deep Dexter's feeling really do run for the people in his life. What do you guys think? Is this just Dexter trying to fit in with normal society? Just his vanity? Or is it something more, some 'evolution' of his character? What consequences might it have for the show? After all, he already has committed to fatherhood and marriage...what next?


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Oct 29, 2008 8:03PM EDT

Without a doubt, this character development is the crux of the show. As time progresses, Dexter realizes more and more that he needs and wants the people in his life around him. Just think how different his descriptions of his killings are this season compared to the first season. The killing used to essentially be the only thing he cared about, now it is just a "Dark Passenger" among a much bigger machine (especially in light of recent developments which I won't mention for those who aren't caught up). I'm very curious how far the writers will take this though.

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