If you are thinking about watching this..

Think no more, buffy is my favourite tv program and i have tried all the best (Dexter, Lost, Prison Break, Veronica Mars, Firefly, Angel, 24, Supernatural). It's no prison break or lost. It's not the uber twist fest that seems to be the trend in popular cult tv these days. But it is soild in human interaction and charecter development, the charecters are deeply believable and you can't help but feel attatched to them after watching the show for a while. It was the first of it's kind and truely unique, i can't really compare it to anything since i really don't think any comparison would do it justice. It's a slow grower. Season 1 is a bit tacky but it's pure class from there on out, like i said, not a big twist fest, but i consistant soild storyline that will have you hooked. Theres a classyness to the writing that never seems to sell the same old storylines cheap, buffy is a must have in your viewing pleasure.


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