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I've often noticed that shows that are either conceived as a fixed length (or mini-series) or shows that have an established end date tend to really ramp up the intensity.

After viewing "The Private Eye" and "The Left Hand" it appears that Dollhouse has certainly caught the bug. I have been a dedicated Dollhouse fan throughout its run, but I will admit that it the overarching story hasn't always been the most captivating part of the show. The majority of episodes have been heavy in stand-alone engagement structure that begins and ends in the hour with little overall plot advancement.

If this first two-hour block is any indication of what Joss Whedon will be dishing out in Dollhouse's final episodes it seems like we will be treated to a more complex narrative structure involving all the different characters in a strongly motivated forward moving storyline that will actually be serving a means to an end.

The world of Rossum is opening up to us and we've only begun to understand the the extent off its reach and the L.A. Dollhouse's role within it. Personally, I can't wait to find out more, and am hoping that Enver Gjokaj and his constantly show stealing performance as Victor is at the center of it all.

Dollhouse's cancellation hasn't all been bad news. A finite number of episodes can lead to top notch TV. At least FOX has agreed to air the entire season unlike the untimely fate of Whedon's previous project Firefly.

I think this FOX imposed end date will be worth it for the quality TV it will produce. Do you think Dollhouse ending is a blessing in disguise or are you still reeling from the cancellation news?



Default avatar cat
Dec 6, 2009 8:26PM EST

The two episodes this passed friday were awesome. I think if they were able to start the show with this sort of directly forcused plot intensity it may have done a lot better. I think part of the problem was the faceless enemy, you kept being told about the rossum corporation but were not really able to establish any edge of your seat type drama with the antagonist being out of sight. But these episodes really did that well, and topher uploading his own imprint into victor and basically carrying on conversations and arguements with himself was worth the price of admission by itself. The actor who pays Victor did an absolute perfect job mimicing everything about topher right downe to his voical tics and demeanor, he did a really good job at that.

Dec 6, 2009 10:43PM EST

ak10 is so right. Everyone always said that Eliza didn't work good for this show because she always came off like the same personality. And I always kind of knew this, but seeing Sierra in her episode before the break seem so diverse in character, and now Victor's mimicry of Topher, it just seems true. He did such a good job at playing somebody else. Even though, the world does not need 2 Topher's lol.

Default avatar cat
Dec 6, 2009 10:51PM EST

ak10 - I think we interpreted the enemy differently. I thought that in the first season the Dollhouse was the bad guy, and Ballard/FBI were the good guys. Rossum was something that was undefined, we didn't know the extent to which it was involved in the Dollhouse project, and how extensive the project was.
Once we got to season two, there are shades of evil, with Dollhouse falling somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, and Rossum taking its place as the bad bad guy. It is still a faceless enemy, but we're being offered up parts of it.
I agree, that extending the show outside the scope of the L.A. Dollhouse by bringing in Rossum as a more real entity has really helped.
Metim86 - My world could use two Tophers as long as one of them comes in Victor. I really have a soft spot for that character.

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