Good News for Dollhouse - Fox will air all 13 Episodes

Due to the rise in overall ratings thanks to the DVR audience, Fox has promised to run all 13 produced episodes of Dollhouse's second season.

As for a third season, it doesn't seem likely considering the low ratings so far this season but FOX says they will reserve judgement until after this run.

Joss Whedon promises to provide Dollhouse fans with a degree of closure in the season finale.




Default avatar cat
Oct 13, 2009 9:13PM EDT

hopefully they do air a 3rd season with 22 episodes..

Oct 15, 2009 12:30PM EDT

hopefully scifi or someone will pick it up. Fox is too quick to get rid of programs.

Default avatar cat
Oct 15, 2009 9:39PM EDT

They really should not put it on Fridays... it's called the dead spot for reason. The only worse day to put it on is Saturday.

Default avatar cat
Oct 15, 2009 10:35PM EDT

I know Fridays are really tough, that's why I think it's really great that they are actually looking at the DVR stats and taking those into account with the ratings.As long as they continue to consider DVR viewers I don't mind the time slot as much. That being said, anything else (except Saturday) would be preferable.
from the article linked above:"It's one of the reasons that we brought 'Dollhouse' back; we knew it was DVR-friendly," - Fox scheduling chief Preston Beckman

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