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lost forever. . .

I find it very disappointing and odd that the fouth and fifth season are almost devoid of links

I know I've got a lot of catching up to do on the series but I really wanted to see where it ended up going. . .


| 01:30 EST, 05 Jan, 2010
Hulu has the first 3 seasons, mostly, when I watched there were a couple missing.
| 20:37 EST, 04 Jan, 2010
Sliders defently went downhill after Quinn left. I mean he was the guy that created sliding and he was the reason they were in that adventure, and he was usually the reason they were striving for home. He would give them hope. He get them into that mess and he made it his goal to get them out of it. Then all of a sudden he merges with his double that looks nothing like him? i hated how that did that to him. I would have much rathered Quinn die at the hands of the Kromaggs.
| 19:49 EDT, 14 Apr, 2009
I saw opening credits for sliders the fourth and fifth seasons on they really didn't show much if anybodys interested in knowing.
| 19:44 EDT, 14 Apr, 2009
I saw opening credits of sliders the fourth, fifth seasons it looked okay. the only remaining slider I saw was rembrant(crying man). I dont like that it had to end that way. Is there any way you could direct me to a site where I could view clips or full episodes of the other seasons?
| 19:33 EDT, 14 Apr, 2009
You aren't missing much. I thought it went downhill after Wade left. I haven't seen any later Sliders, but I'll keep my eyes open.
| 19:26 EDT, 14 Apr, 2009
I think sliders is a very interesting show and that the actors are very talented. I like the idea of a young university student stumbling across the creative invention of sliding to parallel earths and different dimensions. I believe that I or any one in my lifetime could possibly with the help of God create such a device, God be willing the adversary stays out of way.
| 19:19 EDT, 14 Apr, 2009
I have sliders seasons 1,2 and 3 and soon I will have the fourth season. I would love it if fancast and the other sites I have been to would show full episodes like the advertise but they do not. Where do I have to go on the net to see full episodes of sliders seasons four and five?

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