The Mentalist: Season 1 Episode 3: "Red Tide"

A drowned girl's body is found on the Santa Marta beach.CBI team including Patrick, Rigsby and Cho walk towards the crime scene.They begin questioning the two about Christine and her friends. Both Hope and Win assure them that all Christine's friends liked her. When Hope tells them that Christine was hooking up with Danny Kurtik, Win seems a little disturbed. He assures the agents that Danny would never have hurt her.Patrick asks strange questions to them like If Chris was a color what color would she be?And if she were an animal what kind of animal would she be?

Later, Lisbon and Van Pelt visit Christine's home.And meet her father.But they didn't get much clue from there.Then they meet Darlene Pappas, a friend of Christine, who was being detained for possession and resisting arrest.She told her that she was seeing somone and all she could tell Lisbon was that he was an older guy she called pops.After that libson and cho went to flipper's home as Win and Hope had told them that Christine had been hanging out with him.They found patrick already there,playing chess and drinking a beer with Flipper.After interrogating flipper told them he saw Chris three days ago at Devon Point Break and they partied on the beach and then he went home.

After asking strange questions to win ,hope,danny and andy ,patrick then meet danny's father dane kurtik who was in real estate business.After qustioning dane and then hypnotization of surfer kids. Finally Our super detective charged Win, Hope,andy and Danny with murder and taken away in handcuffs. A little later Dane Kurtik is brought into the station in handcuffs charged with statutory rape. Lisbon stands with Jack Tanner comforting him as he learns how his daughter died.


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