The Mentalist: Season 1 Episode 5: "Redwood"

CBI summoned to Redwood Point crime scene and found a girl(kara palmer) stabbed to death and her best friend (niclole gilbert)is missing in woods.Sheriff nelson thought nichole stabbed kara and runaway.Police conducted a search in woods .Next day they found nichole covered in blood in a convenience store shoving food into her mouth.She was taken to hospital where doctor told that she had a serious blow to the head, which has caused a moderate concussion.

Lisbon questioned Jason O'Toole, Nicole's fiancee and Rulon Farnes who is a truck driver for Earthly Pure Cosmetics, the brand of cosmetics found in Kara's car.But they found nothing useful where Patrick tried to find out what happened to them that day using his his ways.

One day he sneaks nichole out of the hospital and takes her along the same route she and Tara drove the night of the kidnapping. He begins to play the music they were listening to that night .Slowly she remembered that it was Deputy Kyle who stabbed kara and hit her on head then take her to a shed where he tried to rape her.


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