The Mentalist: Season 1 Episode 1: "Pilot"

Patrick Jane lead chararcter played by simon baker,is a consultant with the California Bureau of Investigation.His wife and daughter were murdered by Red john.He is good in interpreting people's body movements and case scenes.Other charcters are teresa as CBI team head,and kimball,wayne and grace pelt as team members.

Story keeps on switching in between past and present situations like patrick remebering about his family being murdered by red john.How he was suspended from job when a woman shoots her husband four times in chest in front of him.And when police come to the scene and he said"It isn't as bad as it looks".

Case in which CBI is working at present in this episode is murder mystery of a female victim alison and her family doctor tannen.By looking at scene CBI thought its red john's work but patrick says no.Whole episode revolves around CBI investigating various suspects and how patrick suspects wagner and diary setup and how he unveils the truth.


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