Big Brother 12 Season 12 Episode 15 "POV" Review

Well this Big Brother 12 episode was full of all the characteristics anyone would be looking for in an entertaining episode. Not only did Rachel and Brendon miserably fail at winning the POV competition they did it will no class whatsoever. And when Kathy let out a hollar at beating Rachel out of the competition she paid for it later.

Rachel took it out on everyone in the house including Brendon when they lost. She decided to attack Kathy verbally saying that she has no intigrity and no class for the way she acted. Rachel's last resort was to beg Britenay to use the POV on either her or Brendon and even offered Brittney $5000. But Brendon being the night in shining armour decided to attack Brittney during the POV speech hoping it would make the house vote him out rather then his damsel in distress.

Brittney did not use the POV and on Thursday night we will see just which one of these love birds will be sent home packing. And the new HOH will be crowned. All in all this episode was highly entertaining.I can not wait to see just the way this will end.


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